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Pavilions of Corporations IV

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Pavilions of Corporations: Oil, Broad, Private Enterprises

Oil Pavilion

Pavilion Preview

Theme: Petroleum stretches urban dreams

Pavilion Day: July 30

Location: Within Zone D of the Expo Site

Pavilion Features

Exterior walls of the pavilion are decorated with criss-crossed petroleum and gas pipes, which emphasize industry characteristics and give the pavilion a modern appearance. The whole pavilion resembles a huge energy-processing network, symbolizing that abundant underground oil is the main impetus for the city. Construction materials of the building adopt new environmentally friendly oil derivatives as an exploration of widespread uses of petroleum and petrochemical products.Interior of the pavilion is divided into three sections: the past, present and future, displaying respectively the evolution of petroleum during millions of years, vital roles of petroleum for human history and city development, and prosperous visions for the development of petroleum.

Pavilion Highlights

Highlight 1: Walls of LED screensExterior walls with an area of 4,000 square meters will turn into a huge LED screen, which can change patterns based on various music played by the spring nearby.

Highlight 2: Fantastic virtual scenesFantastic virtual scenes of the petroleum and petrochemical industries are created with multimedia tools.

Highlight 3: 4D theatreVisitors can travel across times and experience stories based on petroleum in the eight-minute films played in the modern 4D theatre.

Broad Pavilion

Pavilion Preview

Theme: Direction

Pavilion Day: June 5

Location: Within Zone E of the Expo Site

Pavilion Features

The pavilion gets its simple yet unique design idea from our earth. The DNA sculpture, which utilizes the membrane structure, rises high into the sky and glows under sunshine; while the square architectures down to the earth hold up the everlasting pursuit and dream for a steady life. Supported by pillars, the whole pavilion is half a meter off the ground with its reflection inverted in the water below.

Pavilion Highlights

Highlight 1: Revolving RoadsStanding on some revolving roads four meters off the ground, visitors can have an amazing overview of performances on the ground before they enter the pavilion. The revolving roads are metal-structured with membrane exteriors.

Highlight 2: Exhibition Hall of LifeThe exhibition Hall of Life explores life-related elements including food, water, air and energy with health and longevity as core of the exhibitions.

Highlight 3: The DNA SculptureThe round sculpture rising high into the sky is a model of human DNA, but 5 billion times enlarged. The sculpture is composed of hundreds of transparent balls with different sizes, all filled with helium gases inside.

Private Enterprises Joint Pavilion

Pavilion Preview

Theme: Infinite Vitality

Pavilion Area: 6,000 square meters

Location: Within Zone E of the Expo Site

Pavilion Features

The Private Enterprises Joint Pavilion is undertaken by a group of well-known private Chinese businesses. Taking insights from the structure of cells, the structure of the pavilion resembles an organic combination of cells, thanks to its curved design that radiates with rich colors and expressive displays, which differs from the linear design normally adopted by buildings made of steel and glass. The pavilion consists of 19.5 cylinders, with varied heights and a fluid line design for the exterior outline. For the first time, external wall adopts intelligent light-reflective aluminum membranes on its facade, which helps create varying visual effects in line with its changing angles and differing positions of sun lighting. In the evening, the whole pavilion will take on an illuminating and splendid look with the help of videos, images, lighting, stereo equipment, and unique performances.

Exhibition Axis

The pavilion is inspired by the structure of a cell, which found its way into the designs of the facade and the exhibition philosophy. A cell is the smallest unit of life; meanwhile, with its inborn vigor and vitality, a cell can split consecutively in the process of being integrated into a dynamic organism. The growth of cells symbolizes the gradual development of private businesses that grow from small and weak ones into big and powerful conglomerates. In addition, it also echoes the theme of the pavilion, which is infinite vitality, standing for the enormous energy and vigor of these private businesses. The design of the whole pavilion follows the concept of vitality. It uses cutting-edge technologies to depict touching stories related to the growth of private enterprises in China, also exhibiting the multiplying the effect arising from the interaction among these companies. This highlights the prowess of private Chinese businesses.

Pavilion Highlights

Highlight 1: The pavilion adopts innovative exhibition methods to present passion, vitality, innovation and challenges for private businesses in China before visitors.

Highlight 2: The companies to be exhibited in the pavilion come from different sectors that affect our daily life. Their products and services encompass computers, Internet, filming, e-commerce, gaming, anime, mobile phones, household stuff, garments, amusement parks and attractions. Therefore, prospective visitors will be able to experience the splendor of private businesses in China and get a taste of wonderful life at the Expo under the unifying theme of infinite vitality.

Highlight 3: In addition, the pavilion will create a series of interactive, amusing and thrilling shows to help visitors gain an insightful and all-round understanding of cultural diversity in cities and the innovative capability of private businesses in China.

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