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Pavilions of Corporations II

2010-04-23 13:33:06 GMT2010-04-23 21:33:06 (Beijing Time)

Pavilions of Corporations: Vanke, People's Insurance Company of China, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation

Vanke Pavilion

Pavilion Preview

Name: "2049"

Theme: Possibility by Respect

Pavilion Area: Around 5,000 Square Meters

Location: Within Zone E of the Expo Site

Pavilion Features

Located to the west of the Huanpu River, the Corporate Pavilion of Vanke, a top Chinese property developer, consists of seven gold straw houses that graciously display the health and vigor of life. The pavilion, with its facade made of wheat straw, comprises seven independent tube-shaped buildings with their tops connected through blue light-filtering ETFE plastic films. The seven tube-shaped buildings are surrounded by over 1,000 square meters of water. With the water reflecting the sky, visitors will experience the intimacy with nature.

Pavilion Highlights

Exhibition Axis

The pavilion is called "2049," when is also the centenary of the People's Republic of China, and it will definitely arouse the public's concern with the future. The year of 2049 bears upon not only the future of an individual, but also that of a city, a country and even the earth. Meanwhile, it also symbolizes a part of the journey toward future, which entails infinite possibility. Against this backdrop, the pavilion shall depict the mutual respect among human beings, nature and cities through five tales, ushering the visitors into the prospects for the real estate sector - the exploration, endeavors and practices with respect to the industrialization of the housing sector.


Visitors will embark upon an amazing and fantastic journey after entering the pavilion where they will go through the five different stories concerning "respect." How the white ants build up their nests brings inspiration for bionic architecture, and the story of water warns people that human beings must respect the gifts of nature. The existence of sandstorms tells us that they must keep the equilibrium of nature with our own choice. The garbage story shows that urban people must respect the natural ecosystem, and the golden monkey story displays beautiful landscapes where human beings and nature respect each other and exist harmoniously when human beings and nature contemplate at each other equally.

Unique Features

The main building material of the pavilion is straw boards made from natural wheat straw. In addition, the ventilation system of the pavilion makes use of both thermal pressure and wind pressure, which shall enable maximal natural ventilation, reduce the utilization of air conditioners and accordingly lower the energy consumption in the pavilion. Meanwhile, the seven buildings all have skylights, which are installed on the top of each building and made of blue ETFE plastic films. These skylights can allow in the sunshine, accordingly reducing the energy consumption of lighting.

People's Insurance Company of China Pavilion

Pavilion Preview

Theme: Love and sharing makes a better life

Location: Within Zone D of the Expo Site

Pavilion Features

The pavilion is a one-floor construction with the front higher than its reverse side. The pavilion resembles the characters of PICC, abbreviation for the People's Insurance Company of China. Visitors can enjoy an overview of the pavilion from the highway nearby. Exterior walls are decorated in red and blue, which go well with the green color of Expo symbols and endow the pavilion with a colorful appearance.

Pavilion Highlights

Highlight 1: Modern Insurance IndustryInterior of the pavilion is divided into three sections with an axis, exhibiting functions and roles of the modern insurance industry.

Highlight 2: Interactive Multimedia Facilities Large interactive multimedia facilities are installed in the pavilion are mainly used for playing cartoons and promotional videos by projection.

Highlight 3: An Interactive WallInside the pavilion there is a huge interactive wall, where patterns and colors will change according to various cards gathered from Expo visitors.

China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Pavilion

Pavilion Preview

Theme: Shipbuilding creates a better city life

Pavilion Day: June 3

Location: Within Zone E of the Expo Site

Pavilion Features

The pavilion is reconstructed from an old factory and adds a new structure to the former plant. To some extent the arc structure resembles the keel of ships, which matches well with the use of the pavilion; while to others it may look like bones of dragons, a symbolize for the insisting spirit of China's national industries. The entire shipbuilding process and future ships are displayed in the pavilion. In the pavilion visitors can preview new modes of human civilization, which emphasize roles of shipping, and also experience life in the future "water world."

Pavilion Highlights

Highlight 1: Interactive screensVisitors can make their own favorite ships by touching interactive screens and following their directions.

Highlight 2: Sightseeing corridorA unique sightseeing corridor is installed for visitors' overview of scenery in Puxi Expo sites.

Highlight 3: History AvenueShip models including that of Zheng He, a famous Chinese who sailed to Western countries during the Song Dynasty, are displayed in "History Avenue" to showcase the time-honored shipbuilding history of China.

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