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Pavilions of Corporations I

2010-04-23 13:33:17 GMT2010-04-23 21:33:17 (Beijing Time)

Pavilions of Corporations: Shanghai Corporate, State Grid, China Railway

Shanghai Corporate Joint Pavilion

Pavilion Preview

Name: "Magic Cube" –Shanghai Corporate Joint Pavilion

Theme: My City, Our Dreams

Pavilion Area: Around 4,000 Square Meters

Location: Within Zone D of the Expo Site

Pavilion Features

Shanghai Corporate Joint Pavilion is an eco-building with intelligent technologies, dream-like atmospheres, and interactive experiences. The architectural design concept is originated from the Taoist theory "A harmonious combination of heaven, earth and man", and "Zhuang Zhou's dream with butterfly," an ancient Chinese romantic story with philosophical meanings. The Shanghai Corporate Pavilion provides visitors with a 17-minute interactive experience in four different zones - Sound of the City, Close to the Huangpu River, Road of Shanghai and Travel to the Future. Using pictures and music, visitors will be encouraged to think about how to make the city's future better.

Pavilion Highlights

Highlight 1: Robot PerformanceRobot Performance Robots will welcome visitors with performances at the entrance of the pavilion.

Highlight 2: Butterfly ProfessorButterfly Professor Actress and director Xu Jinglei has starred as a butterfly professor in an eight-minute fantasy film to be shown at a 360-degree panoramic theater at the pavilion. She will lead visitors through a dream-like interactive journey in pursuit of a city dream and a better future.

Highlight 3: Robot RestaurantRobot Restaurant There is a brand new "robot restaurant" inside the pavilion. In this restaurant, all the meals will be cooked by an intelligent robot system without any human chefs at all. It will be a grand buffet but not free.

Highlight 4: Light ShowLight Show Spectacular light and music shows will be staged every night.

State Grid Pavilion

Pavilion Preview

Theme: Innovation Ignites Dreams

Pavilion Day: July 26

Location: Within Zone D of the Expo Site

Pavilion Features

The 4,000-square-meter pavilion, named "Magic Box," is designed to be a metallic square with a crystal cube embedded inside. The "Magic Box" is supported by two constructions with grid facade. A solar light system which is composed of 12 mirrors and resembles sunflowers will illuminate the underground part of the pavilion. Making full use of summer wind in Shanghai, a "Tunnel of Electric Current" is installed inside the pavilion, where visitors are expected to have a special experience that feels like moving inside the wires. Covered by LED lights, the box will be shinning with colorful lighting all day around to provide visitors with a visual highlight and special experiences.

Pavilion Highlights

Highlight 1: A Cubic TheaterPatrons will be invited to stand at the center of a 20-meter-high cubic theater with six screens covering the walls, ceiling and floor. The screens will cover a 720-degree space to let audiences feel that they are fully integrated. In the pavilion, visitors will first "meet with" the electricity. They will then "get to know" and further be "intensely linked" with electricity. The movie will tell a four-minute story about comfortable future life made possible by intelligent power systems.

Highlight 2: "Heart of Energy" SubstationBelow the "box of energy," there is the high-tech substation known as "Heart of energy" in Expo 2010 where visitors can enjoy unveiling the secrets of how the working substation supply power to parts of the Puxi section and all the pavilions of the Expo site.

China Railway Pavilion

Pavilion Preview

Theme: Harmonious railways expand spaces for better life

Pavilion Day: October 2

Location: Within Zone D of the Expo Site

Pavilion Features

Exterior walls of the pavilion are decorated with metal and glass with its simple materials and grids emphasizing urban impressions. LED lights beam railway networks of China onto the walls. Inside the pavilion there are three sections showcasing scientific and technological innovation in China's railway system. Exhibitions emphasize how railways link cities and have made a positive impact on development of human civilization.

Pavilion Highlights

Highlight 1: Glorious DevelopmentSection 1 mainly displays the glorious development of China’s railways.

Highlight 2: Thematic FilmsSection 2 presents thematic films about construction of China’s railways.

Highlight 3: InteractionSection 3 draws the attention of visitors with interactive models and facilities.

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