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"Sea Records" to prove the Diaoyu Islands belong to China since ancient times

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For thousands of years of silence Diaoyu Islands have read Sui envoys, business travel of Song, Yuan and Ming fleet, seen kung Ch’i, and the smoke signals to resist foreign aggression war.

It is still silently waiting, waiting for a person named Shen Fu, waiting, like a puzzle book, waiting for a miraculous discovery to testify for the period of intractable disputes.

AD 1808, Shen Fu came.

Shen Fu of its people

Shen Fu is not the big names, history says he is in Suzhou, was born eight years Qianlong 20 (1763), did not obtain through fame, his life depending on others to do most of Advisers, and Death without examination.

1808 (Jiaqing 10 years), the court decreed that the Ryukyu king, sent to Tai Shi Qi-Kun is positive, Shi Yu Fei tin chapter Fushi, Shen Fu, as Sima Qian’s “Division slab,” also go together.

Later, Shen Fu in his “Six Records” in the account of the Great Qing mission trip in the Diaoyu Islands through knowledge, this is a busy pen, turned out to be 200 years ago, national boundaries reflect the truth.

It was this book a hundred years puzzled the academic community.

Yong Feng, said its sequel: “” Six Records “is the” Dream of Red Mansions “has a great after work.” Yu Guoji Taiwan scholars also believe that traditional Chinese literature, only two qualified to call this literary masterpiece. In 1935, Lin will be translated into English, as of now, more than 100 kinds of domestic and overseas versions. Hong Kong and Taiwan popular films “Yun Niang”, that according to “Lin Yutang” adaptation.

However, “Lin Yutang” at the author only in manuscript form before his death in Suzhou area spread. Four years until the dynasty (1878), the World Bank began to Huozi Ban, but this time, only remnants of the book “Le boudoir in mind”, “leisure Ji Qu”, “rough note melancholy,” “wave travels fast” Volume 4, “Zhongshan mind calendar”, “Life Cultivation Road,” two volumes had disappeared.

English Church Wish

In 1935, the Shanghai World Books published “Six Records of full-length”, volumes taste, academic shock.

However, in the same year, the “full version” of the volume is determined after the two is a fake, because the first 4 volumes

“Style quite unlike the”, “bad poetry ordinary.” Recently, the Taiwan National Kaohsiung Normal University professor Cai Genxiang The study further suggests that: “Uncut” and “mind Zhongshan Li,” copy Qing Li Ding Yuan’s “to Ryukyu in mind,” were indeed fake.

Lin then English, “Lin Yutang” when he is full of expectations and said: “I guess, in the possession of or used book shop in Suzhou home, there must be a full version, supposing there is blessing, or can we find.” passage of time, time has passed half a century, the then literary giant Lin, now long passed away, his life, looking forward to just look.

Jinling adventure

The fall of 2005, about a Saturday, Nanjing leave antiques market, dawn mist Yingyingchuochao crowd. Weather too early, “Taobao” name of a small flashlight people, mysterious atmosphere, such as the ghost city generally.

A little dark and thin middle-aged man appeared, half a big hat covering their face, very striking, and only the dim light of a torch shines when those former paper therefore can see his shrewd eyes and sharp eyes.

Unintentionally, a flashlight beam passing a tattered copy of the cover only “notes Pearl” in the name, time left in the vicissitudes of life, seemed to deliberately conceal the writers then elegant.

Torch twilight Youyuanerjin, Picture Freeze, beam, three fingers in the shadow there, the book has been gently opened, silent … …

Is a form of bargaining, however, found that “the little dark and thin,” does not sound soft languages Wu, book dealers killed to prevent price.

Upon closing, the middle-aged no longer stay. Temples outside, a taxi quietly disappeared in the Jinling Ancient Capital of the morning fog … …

We do not know the name of this book dealers who very name, be sure: if he knows that breaking even hidden transcripts in a career in advertising, he will regret it.

Jin Peng Order

This little man is middle-aged Peng order, native of Shanxi Province, 1949 Taiyuan, south of the grandfather is the well meaning people.

Peng that was born in Hunan, and Beijing grow up eventually finding study, ten years ago moved to Pingyao, old books by operating, collate documentation to make a living, often appear in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces.

After the return from Nanjing Shanxi, after the initial check, Pang Qing Dynasty scholar so that the book is swimming in money, notebooks, this view has been professor of history at Beijing University, after approval Xinde Yong Peng to make the “notes Pearl” sent to Beijing for China’s Bookstore 2006 spring auction, starting price 100000 yuan.

Fortunately, “notes Pearl” finally Liupai, otherwise, since everything happened has nothing to do with him, Pingyao people Peng order book dealers will be the second temples.

The truth emerges

“Notes Pearl” Liu Pai, the capital of a collector to find Peng order, bid 100 000 I hope he transfers declined by Peng order. Because he has felt from the transcript of an unusual hint of flavor.

Swimming in money, pen, Peng that found Jiaqing 10 years, “Ryukyu country” items, found in Qi Kun, Zhang Fei Tin, Shen Fu’s name, found a number of detailed records on Okinawa scenery, and even red Laundry (brothels) and the Hong Yinv (prostitutes), and Shen Fu’s life experience and “Six Records” the title of each paper.

And Shen Fu to Okinawa with the other person can not write these words; money beaches have not been to Okinawa, there is no way to write this knowledge.

Only Shen Fu.

One can not imagine the idea, as lightning-like in my mind exploding Firestone: Could this be the “Lin Yutang” at Kango “World Records” Lost? After a year, Peng made into near-madness of the state, in order to research the matter, his search for, purchase, copy, print the information, at least 100 kilograms or more … …

After suffering more than a year, in June 2008, Peng order Daisaku “Shen Fu <Floating Life 6" Record of Lost Kango Discovery and preliminary study "in Hong Kong," Wen Wei Po "sub-5 serial, shocked at home and abroad.

That time, the distance of a full 200 years back to Okinawa.

“Fish” the attribution of

Shock, far beyond the scope of collections and academic research.

Lost in the following record: “Jiaqing 10 years, with aims to Ryukyu king on the 13th … … e moment, see the Diaoyutai, shape such as penholder. To remember the black ditch, then call-in prayer in the early days … … on the 14th , faintly see Regardless of rice mountain, into the Okinawa community carry on … … “

Clearly, the western area of Okinawa regardless of meters from the mountain (now Okinawa Kume Island) began murky waters of China (Qing) and the Ryukyu state line, the field of the Diaoyu Islands in China.

It is reported that Japan claims sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands one of the reasons the Japanese Koga Tatsushiro in 1884 “discovered” the island. And Shen Fu’s time to see the Diaoyu Islands in 1808, compared to neighboring countries, the Shiro, a full 76 years earlier.

The Search for Spock

In 2008, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Normal University professor, “Lin Yutang” expert Cai Genxiang write the relevant state departments, recommends “Lin Yutang,” Volume copy is issued to declare “national precious ancient books.”

June 9, 2009, the National Protection Center of the ancient manuscripts were identified.

December 3, 2009, Hong Kong’s Wen Wei Po published a full page graphic – “clear book manuscripts published, 76 years earlier than the Japanese literature, irrefutable evidence that the Diaoyu Islands belong to China.”

The next day, “Reference News” Taiwan Central News Agency issued the Telecommunications Abstract – “Diaoyu Islands belong to China’s re-documented.”

Subsequently, the State Department hopes the Japanese Foreign Ministry Asian Affairs Peng order to provide relevant information. Receipt of such information, the Asian Division sent a letter to Peng Yang Yanyi order, said the information will be forwarded to competent authorities seriously.

February 10, 2010, the Secretary for the Ministry of Culture, Social and Cultural Organization expert appraisal meeting in Beijing, the Central Literary History Librarian, Tsinghua University, Director of Research Center of Chinese classical literature Fu Xuanzong head the group.


In 2008, the money has just been swimming in the transcript Stir temperature, a Suzhou expensive acquisition made willing to 600,000 yuan, and said to be donated to the museum in Suzhou. After that find out after Peng, the museum do not know this.

December 2009, Japan was called to order Peng, asking price 10 million yuan, Peng Order refused.

After that, it was a phone call from Singapore, to open the same price tag, but the caller who declined to be entrusted.

Following this, the Internet was the author, insisting that Peng’s collection is a fake.

At the same time, Baidu Encyclopedia, “Peng” and “As Caigen Xiang” and “Lin Yutang” and with “World record” related entries were deletion, excision of those IP most of the territory, after intervention by the national authorities, These entries can be restored and locked.

Peng order said: “I was a small book dealers, morning and afternoon map is to make money. But I am descendants, this stuff should stay in my own country, let alone 10 million is a billion, a point that I will not take the take less, I should not want an article to us! “

Not the end

January 12, 2010, Peng and the People’s Literature Publishing House that signed a publishing contract, and soon we will see that the copyright holder Peng new version of “Six Records.”

Peng said that the new version of the V is that he found “sea country in mind,” while, has been identified as false as the “current of the” Fifth, the volumes will also be included with the book for readers cf reference.

About Peng orders and “Lin Yutang,” and perhaps there is more to the story, we would like to join with the readers expect, with the hearing.


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