Interview: Official says Mongolia expects 2 medals from Beijing Olympics

2008-07-29 08:28:00 GMT       2008-07-29 16:28:00 (Beijing Time)       Xinhua English

by Hao Lifeng

ULAN BATOR, July 29 (Xinhua) -- The goal of the Mongolian athletes are to get at least two medals from Beijing Olympic Games and would strive for gold medal, a senior sports official told Xinhua Tuesday.

"This is one dream of the Mongolian people," said Choijgavaa Naranbaatar, chairman of the Mongolian State Committee of Physical Culture and Sports.

"I love Chinese athlete Liu Xiang, who broke the rule of European and American athletes in track and field. I hope he can do well at the Beijing Olympic Games," said the senior Mongolian sports official who was ever an athlete of track and field before.

Naranbaatar is familiar with Chinese athletes like basketball player Yao Ming, table tennis star Wang Nan and water diving queen Guo Jingjing.

"Yao Ming returned to the basketball national squad after having surgery, I hope he can regain his form at the Beijing Olympic Games," Naranbaatar said in his office.

A countdown board for the Beijing Olympic Games and a board of introduction were placed in the corridor of the office building.

Naranbaatar expected the Beijing Olympic Games to be the most successful sports event in history.

"Mongolia supported Beijing to hold the 29th Olympic Games at the very beginning and was pleased to see the success of Beijing. The Chinese government and people have done an outstanding job to prepare for the games and made great achievements in building the Olympic venues," he said.

He was confident that the Beijing Olympics would bring luckiness to Mongolian athletes.

"Beijing Olympic Games is the 29th Olympic Games and Mongolian athletes had obtained 29 qualifications.'29' is propitious for Mongolian athletes."

"Ulan Bator is near to Beijing and Mongolian athletes are used to the weather and cuisine of Beijing," he added.

Mongolia had claimed 15 medals from the Olympic Games in the past but never won a gold medal.

At the upcoming Beijing Olympics, Mongolian athletes will compete in seven sports items including boxing, judo and wrestling.

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