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Facts and figures: space flights and Shenzhou-6
2005-10-15 06:50:47 Xinhua English

BEIJING, Oct. 15 (Xinhuanet) -- The following are some facts and figures about human space activities and the Shenzhou-6 spacecraft for China's second manned space mission:

1/3 -- Human safety on top priority, one third of software used aboard Shenzhou-6 is for emergency life support and rescue;

8 -- Shenzhou-6 has eight and escape and rescue modes for emergencies either in aerosphere or in outer space;

56 -- Shenzhou-6 has 56 engines for a variety of purposes, ranging from craft orbiting and attitude control to reverse thrust landing;

85 -- With an accuracy of over 85 percent, the China-developed weather forecast system can predict weather conditions 300 meters above the landing site of the spacecraft;

300 -- China has trained, in seven batches, more than 300 women pilots between 1951 and 2005. Now 35 women pilots of the eighth batch are studying in the Air Force's flying school, and from them will come China's first women pilots for jet fighters and, probably, the first woman taikonaut of the country;

351 -- Fei Junlong, one of the two Chinese taikonauts, made four flips on Oct. 14 afternoon when the spacecraft was orbiting at 7.8 km per second, which means he practically traveled 351 km in each flip;

1,600/20 -- On the way back to Earth, the exterior temperature of the Shenzhou-6 capsule will go up to 1,600 degrees Celsius while its interior remains at about 20 degrees Celsius;

5,700 -- Human being had launched more than 5,700 satellites, manned spacecraft and space probes by the end of 2004;

6,000 -- Human being has conducted 6,000 launches in the probe of space and built a dozen large launch sites;

2 million -- The two Chinese taikonauts traveled more than 2 million km in space 72 hours after their lift-off Wednesday morning; and

200 billion -- Space-related hi-tech industries have become a new economic growth point in the world, with annual revenues likely to exceed 200 billion US dollars in 2010, doubling the current 100 billion US dollars. Enditem

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