Japan advisable not to owe new debt to the world peace

2012-10-29 07:12:30 GMT2012-10-29 15:12:30(Beijing Time)  SINA English

By Yuan yue, Sina English

With the escalation of the Diaoyu Islands row, we have seen four Chinese maritime surveillance vessels enter the 12-nautical-mile band around the Diaoyu Islands last week. For that, the Japanese Vice Foreign Minister "strongly protested to the Chinese ambassador"-- which, however, was rebutted by the Chinese embassy.

China used to "tolerate" Japan's access into the disputed waters in the past, downplaying the impact caused by Japanese entry. However, with the increasingly provocative and frequent moves from the Japanese side-- and all the way to its illegal "island purchase"-- Beijing is left with no alternative but to take counter measures to halt the blatant aggression.

As expected, it turns out that both Chinese and Japanese vessels appear in the disputed waters. And China turning a cold shoulder to Japan’s “protests” have further showcased China's unyielding resolve to safeguard its territorial sovereignty.

Last Thursday, Shintaro Ishihara, Tokyo's right-wing governor, announced that he will return to national politics by launching a new party and becoming its leader. In the light of this, the island "purchase" obviously serves to build momentum for his own political goal, as in Japan, the will of the people cannot be reflected immediately in the election, and the single-seat constituencies, under certain circumstances, can only reflect the will of a happy few.

For his own benefit, Shintaro Ishihara has made a fuss about the Diaoyu Islands issue. We don't know where the situation would be heading, but for now at least, Japan is destined to lose. The Diaoyu waters used to be under the "de facto control" of Japan, but now with the ins and outs of Chinese vessels, Japan's free access would surely be hampered.

Japan can't go on its own way without considering reactions from China. Otherwise, it has to bear the consequences. The irresponsible behaviors of Shintaro, therefore, is putting his country into trouble. The hardened right wingers like Shintaro Ishihara will stand trial one day by history as they kidnapped the national interests and world peace for their own gains.

"I can still recall an article from Fumio Matsuo, a senior reporter with Kyodo News, under the title 'Japan can only expect its future after paying back its historical debt'", says Zhang Zhijun, China's Vice Foreign Minister at a press conference on October 26.

"The article pointed out that Japan has been keeping an unstable diplomatic tie with Russia, China, the Korean Peninsula, and even the United States, since 2011, all as a result of its failure to reflect upon itself after the WWII, and then the immature embrace of its economic growth," said Zhang Zhijun. Mr. Zhang pointed not only China but Russia, South Korea and the DPRK as well to whom Japan owes a sincere apology for its past atrocity.

Japan has to be aware of that. It has to repay the debt, reflect on itself, and by doing that, to thaw the chill with others.

”I don't know Fumio Matsuo personally, but I think he made a very good point. To repay the debt, the bottom line for Japan is to return the territories that it grabbed illegally in its militarism days. Otherwise, Japan would be laden with both old and new debts. Now, it's high time for Japan to reflect seriously upon its own deeds,” said the Chinese Vice Foreign Minister.

Editor: Yu Runze
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