Expectations for Obama high, as people on Times Square greet his second term

2012-11-07 06:52:31 GMT2012-11-07 14:52:31(Beijing Time)  Xinhua English

Times Square once again became a national center for U.S. election coverage as thousands of spectators from the U.S. and other countries converged Tuesday night to hail President Barack Obama's re-election and voice their expectations for his second term.

Baldwin Wallace, a French youth, who was watching the large screens with ballot counts updates, said he wished that Obama should give up involving into other countries' internal affairs.

"The United States should not send troops to Afghanistan any more, because it's not the American problem, it's the problem of themselves. I think their people can handle their own problems, and the United States should stop its intervention into others' affairs," said Baldwin.

"They don't have the right to engage war and conflicts with other countries," said Baldwin, adding that comparing the two candidates, he preferred Obama, because he was in favor of Obama's policies in the areas of health care and other social issues.

Baldwin's voice was echoed with couples of U.S. citizens on the square, who also cared for politics and for the country's future development direction, calling for Obama, in his second term, to cast more attention on the majority population of the country.

"Right now in this country, there's mess and unemployment, the one percent, the superrich, the bankers continue to get bailouts, and they continue to wage wars, which profit the banks, by shooting and destroying children in other foreign countries, it's time to fight that," said Alexander.

"I'm not satisfied with my life, millions of people in the United States like me have difficulty in finding a decent paying job, and we have very little chance of realizing the so-called American dream, getting houses and cars, that's all gone," he continued.

He said the United States also needed to close down its military bases around the world and stop intimidating people, it needed to end the blockade of some countries on its blacklist, it needed to stop supporting the terrorists who were murdering people in other countries.

"All the money spent on the wars should be used to help people, could be used to revive jobs, schools, education, instead of being used to kill people in foreign countries, that's wrong," he added.

Stacy, who wore a yellow sticker on her chest, with words saying "keep money out of politics," told Xinhua that she wished the country would not be controlled by the rich people any more, saying "the Wall Street has power, and they control a lot of things, re-elected Obama should try to keep money out of politics."

David and John, marketing executives from State of Georgia on their business trip to New York, watched the whole process of counting ballots from the large screens on Times Square, and expressed their expectations for Obama's next term as their president.

"For me social issues, for him financial issues, take priority of our concerns for the re-elected president, our expectation for the next president is that he could work with both parties, to work with the Republicans and the Democrats, to work together, and save us out of our economic recession," said David.

Editor: Mei Jingya
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