Interview: Egypt, China share common features across history, says Cairo University president

2021-05-30 01:55:55 GMT2021-05-30 09:55:55(Beijing Time) Xinhua English

CAIRO, May 30 (Xinhua) -- Egypt and China share common features across the history of humanity despite long distances, especially an appreciation of the past and expectations for the future, said Mohamed Elkhosht, president of Egypt's Cairo University.

"Greatness of nations emerge from their civilization, art, science and social progress. Both Egypt and China have a long history and nurtured great civilizations," Elkhosht told Xinhua in a recent interview.

"Both countries had encountered hardships, moments of rise and fall, but their spirits remained and are valuable to learn from," said Elkhosht, also a professor of philosophy of religion and contemporary philosophy.

Since late 2018, the first Egyptian-Chinese archeological mission has been working seasonally at the Karnak Temple Complex of Egypt's monument-rich city of Luxor, inspiring many Egyptian and Chinese experts to strengthen related cooperation.

As of now, Egypt and China have been cooperating closely in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic through exchanging medical aid and expertise and offering mutual support and solidarity.

At the political level, the form of a central government has appeared early in both countries' history. After entering modern times, the two countries have fully stimulated the people's sense of national identity and united the people against oppression and civil strife.

"We all stress the individuals' duties toward the country," he said.

Speaking of the responsibility to develop one's country, he specifically mentioned that China has uninterruptedly adhered to the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, which is rarely seen in other countries.

Based on that path, China has built a giant economic model, leading the country into a new era, he said.

"Thanks to the Communist Party of China, we can see a great country at the economic, political, social and cultural levels today," he said, adding that China has fostered its rise by promoting international ties with developed and other developing countries.

The solid relationship between Egypt and China started during the founding of the people's republic of China in 1949, and was further strengthened during the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 based on the mutual visions of fighting against international imperialism, Elkhosht added.

The two countries elevated their relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership in 2014 amid their consensus on several international and regional issues.

At the scientific level, Cairo University and Shanghai Academy for Social Sciences in 2018 signed a comprehensive research deal on expanding the benefits of using research to serve the development of both countries, he said.

As a member of the sciences and innovation policies committee in Shanghai University on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Elkhosht said he believes the initiative will change the world trade map.

He said that Egypt will benefit from the BRI's trade and other fields. Enditem