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Rainy season continues in quake zone

Sichuan province is facing fresh challenges from floods as its rainy season continues.

Quake-affected kids to holiday in Russia

1000 children from quake-stricken areas are set to travel to Russia for a three week holiday to recover from their ordeal.

British police donate to China quake victims

A small group of British police from Birmingham has donated more than 7,000 pounds to victims in the Sichuan earthquake.

Repair of ancient sites in Dujiangyan starts

A new project has been launched to repair UNESCO World Culture Heritage sites in Dujiangyan city.

Power restored in nearly all quake-hit areas

Power has been restored in all the quake-hit areas of southwest China's Sichuan Province.

China allocates 70 bln yuan as reconstruction fund

The NPC has approved a plan to adjust the central budget, allocating 70b yuan to establish a fund for its post-quake scheme.


Deadly quakes in China's recent history

List of China's deadliest earthquakes since 1920:

  -- December 16, 1920: 230,000 perish in an earthquake measuring 8.5 on the Richter scale in Gansu Province.

  -- May 23, 1927: 41,000 people die in Gansu in an earthquake measuring 8.0.

  -- December 26, 1932: An earthquake measuring 7.6 leaves 70,000 dead, again in Gansu.

  -- January 5, 1970: 15,621 are killed after an earthquake measuring 7.8 in southwestern Yunnan province.

  -- May 11, 1974: 10,000 die in Sichuan and Yunnan after an earthquake of 7.1 magnitude.

  -- February 4, 1975: an earthquake measuring 7.3 in the northeastern province of Liaoning takes 1,300 lives.

  -- July 28, 1976: The industrial city of Tangshan, situated 200 kilometres (125 miles) east of Beijing, is levelled by an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale (but 8.2 according to sources outside China). Beijing provides an official death toll standing at 242,000, with 164,000 seriously injured. However, some Western sources put the toll closer to 700,000 victims.

  -- August 23, 1985: 67 die in an earthquake measuring 7.4 in the western region of Xinjiang.

  -- April 26, 1990: 126 lose their lives after an earthquake measuring 6.9 in the northern province of Qinghai.

  -- October 24, 1995: An earthquake measuring 6.5 kills 52 in Yunnan.

  -- February 3, 1996: 228 perish and 3,700 are seriously injured in a quake measuring 7.0 near the city of Lijiang, in Yunnan.

  -- January 10, 1998: 47 are killed and 9,000 injured in a quake measuring 6.2 that shakes Shangyi and Zhangbei in the province of Hebei.

  -- February 24, 2003: A violent earthquake measuring 6.8 takes 268 lives in Xinjiang and causes significant damage.

  -- July 21, 2003: An earthquake measuring 6.2 leaves 16 dead and 300 injured in 70 communities in the Chuxiong, an autonomous prefecture comprised of the Yi minority, in Yunnan province.

  -- July 23, 2006: 22 people are killed and 106 injured as an earthquake measuring 5.1 hits Yunnan. More than 6,000 homes are destroyed and 38,000 buildings damaged across 13 municipalities.




Did you observe the three-minute silence mourning starting on 2:28 pm Monday?


230 injured as powerful aftershock hits Sichuan

The epicenter was located between Pingwu and Beichuan counties. The tremor caused severe landslides in the northern part of the province but no fatalities were reported.

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Dead 69,197
Missing 18,209
Treated 96,451
Injured 374,176
As of July 24, 09:14 GMT


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