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Tips on stylish Christmas

Christmas survival guide: Pets

As the saying goes, a dog (or any animal) is not just for Christmas. Pets are family, and if Christmas is a time for celebrating togetherness, then our animals must be included. Full story

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Various Santas

About 280 volunteers wearing Santa Claus outfits release balloons into the sky during a photo call by an insurance company.


Do you look forward to getting a handwritten card for the coming New Year?




Deck out your phone!

2008-12-19 09:54:29 GMT Forbes Cellphones--even old ones--can dress up for the holidays.

Tree shaped like giant Christmas pudding

2008-12-19 03:57:56 GMT SINA.com It looks good enough to eat - but this is one Christmas pudding you certainly wouldn't want to cover in flaming brandy, Mail Online reported.

Christmas decorations inside and out

2008-12-18 10:46:06 GMT SINA.com Form the reindeer body outline from chicken wire folded double. Put a timber baton to run the length of his body and position it along the underside of its stomach. The front and hind legs will be screwed onto this. The legs are made from pieces of timber about 400x25x25mm and each pair are screwed or nailed together to form an inverted  "V"  shape over the horizontal baton. Make sure the frame stands up and is secure. Cut lots of foliage (leylandii is ideal) about 300mm long and stuff it into the frame so it is packed tightly. Neatly clip it after it is completely filled. Add a red screwdriver for the nose and a pair of different coloured screwdrivers for eyes. Finally, use prunings from suitable tree branches for antlers. Add the ribbon and bell.

Five of best tree decorations

2008-12-18 07:37:13 GMT SINA.com 01 BEST FOR: AN OUTDOORS LOOK

Food and drink


Twelve party-perfect bubblies

2008-12-19 09:14:13 GMT Forbes Pick your sparkler for the holidays the way you'd make up a guest list--by personality. Here are a dozen different characters to consider.

How to make classic Christmas cake

2008-12-19 04:05:28 GMT SINA.com This, with no apologies, is a Christmas cake that has been in print since 1978, has been made and loved by thousands and is, along with the Traditional Christmas Pudding, one of the most popular recipes I've produced. It is rich, dark and quite moist, so will not suit those who like a crumblier texture. We once took some of these cakes along to book-signing sessions up and down the country and were quite amazed to see so many people take a mouthful and then buy a book!

Five of the best Christmas puddings

2008-12-18 10:02:09 GMT SINA.com How strange that we end our festive meal with one of the great rib-stickers of all time. But we've been eating a version of Christmas pudding ever since the pudding cloth

whose festive recipes are the best?

2008-12-18 09:55:47 GMT SINA.com It’s eight in the morning and I’ve just taken delivery of four turkeys. A bit early, you might think, both in the day and in the month, for Christmas food shopping. But there is some serious work to be done, roasting and basting, stirring and stuffing, peeling and boiling, for four Christmas dinners. It’s the turkey equivalent of Groundhog Day.

Party dresses


To be stylish if you're pregnant at Christmas

2008-12-18 10:11:08 GMT SINA.com The sad truth is that the only person who is celebrated for getting pregnancy wear right at this time of year – strong colours, figure-enhancing outfits and unqualified approval – is the Virgin Mary. The rest of us often end up feeling more like Christmas pudding than Christmas cracker. (And that's before I remembered that I will be spending the day itself with a selection of female relatives, all of whom would describe a size 10 as 'roomy'.)

Christmas party hair and make-up

2008-12-18 08:26:30 GMT SINA.com These exceptional styles for shoulder length and longer hair will delight and surprise the guests. Romantic and sophisticated looks for shoulder length and longer hair. Step-by-step instructions guide you to reveal just how simple it is to create classic party style.

Designer party wear

2008-12-18 06:40:53 GMT SINA.com Everyone wants to sparkle, shimmer and make an entrance at this time of year, but striking that fine balance between dressy and overdressed is not easy. Achieving the perfect Christmas Day look means finding something to wear that is comfortable enough to slouch around watching old movies in but at the same time not too sloppy as to offend visiting relatives, who like to feel that you've made an effort for them.

Three of the best party dresses

2008-12-18 06:38:17 GMT SINA.com It might seem inappropriate to be discussing party dresses in an era of economic gloom; but even so, having just enjoyed a night out at a friend’s birthday party, I was reminded of the pleasure to be had in getting dressed up after several months of downcast anxiety.



The most toxic toys

2008-12-19 09:48:37 GMT Forbes Before you put these under the tree, take a look at what's inside: lead, arsenic, mercury.

Hottest gifts of 2008

2008-12-19 09:07:21 GMT Forbes It's official: The Nintendo Wii is more popular than God.

Handmade Christmas gifts that show you care

2008-12-18 10:26:30 GMT SINA.com Christmas presents don’t have to involve a last-minute dash to the shops, pots of money and mountains of plastic packaging. Nor do they have to be the latest flashy gizmos, which will lose their appeal by January.

Christmas gift guide: Gifts for him

2008-12-18 09:31:24 GMT SINA.com These are some gifts for your dear boyfriend or husband.



Great festive getaways: five city breaks

2008-12-18 10:16:45 GMT SINA.com Prices are per person based on two sharing unless stated otherwise. All holidays are subject to availability.

Christmas films

2008-12-18 09:16:49 GMT SINA.com Metropolitan (1990)

Christmas pop songs

2008-12-18 06:52:11 GMT SINA.com Bing Crosby: White Christmas



How to haggle during holidays

2008-12-19 09:01:27 GMT Forbes With stores desperate to make the holidays bright, consumers are rediscovering the art of negotiation.

Ten tips for safe shopping online this Christmas

2008-12-18 07:44:05 GMT SINA.com Whether you shop online or on the high street, you need to be careful: no retailer, it seems, is safe from the pressure of falling sales as we customers trim our budgets and look for the cheapest deals.

Beijing On Sale: live it up for less this holiday season

2008-12-17 07:28:37 GMT City Weekend Want the best for less? With all eyes on the economy this holiday season, City Weekend takes a look at the capital’s best bargains. By Nikki Aaron, Juliana Loh, David McNeill, Blake Stone-Banks and Larissa Zhou