Sun, February 01, 2009

Israeli assault on Gaza

First war tally: 1,284 Gazans dead, 4,336 wounded

Squatting in the rubble, his briefcase perched atop his knees, the human rights researcher interviewed residents of a house shelled by Israel as he compiled a list of Gazans killed and wounded during Israel's offensive against Hamas. Full story


Analysts expect more violence in future

Palestinian analysts expect more violence throughout the territories in future following Israeli massive airstrikes on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.


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Gaza militants launch rocket into Israel

2009-02-01 10:20:41 GMT China Daily The Israeli military says Gaza militants have launched a rocket into southern Israel.

Gaza schools reopen after one-month suspension

2009-01-24 15:36:05 GMT Xinhua English GAZA, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) -- In the aftermath of the 22-day Israeli military offensive on Gaza Strip, which unilaterally ended a week ago, schools run by the Hamas-ruled Ministry of Education and the UN were back to work on Saturday.

UN chief calls on regional, int'l leaders to help sustain Gaza truce

2009-01-24 03:18:14 GMT Xinhua English UNITED NATIONS, Jan. 23 (Xinhua) -- Calling the halt to fighting in Gaza "fragile," UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Friday called on leaders in the Middle East region and around the globe to help sustain it and allow the recovery of its devastated population.

Hezbollah vows to be "ready for any surprise" with Israel

2009-01-22 09:50:24 GMT Xinhua English

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UN: $330 mln needed for Gaza's recovering

2009-01-22 09:15:03 GMT Xinhua English

EU urges immediate open-up of crossings to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza

2009-01-22 01:14:34 GMT Xinhua English BRUSSELS, Jan. 21 (Xinhua) -- The European Union (EU) on Wednesday night called on Israel to immediately open up the crossings to allow humanitarian aid and staff into the Gaza Strip to meet the urgent needs of the Palestinian population, and pledged to make all efforts to make the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas "sustainable" and "lasting."

Peace returns to Gaza with pullout of Israeli troops

2009-01-19 04:53:16 GMT Xinhua English GAZA, Jan. 19 (Xinhua) -- A hard-won peace was restored in the Gaza Strip Monday as Israeli troops began pulling out of the belt after their 22-day onslaught was halted by a tentative ceasefire deal with Hamas.

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Relief foods arrive at Gaza Strip

2009-01-24 06:44:49 GMT Xinhua English Palestinians receive foods donated by international communities in southern Gaza Strip of Zitton, Jan. 23, 2009. This area was badly destroyed in the Israeli military operations with many buildings damaged and people left homeless.

Palestinians repair ruined tunnel in Rafah

2009-01-24 03:24:02 GMT Xinhua English Hundreds of Palestinians came to the Gaza Strip's border with Egypt to help repair the tunnels bombed by Israel during the 22-day offensive and restore a commercial lifeline to the Hamas-ruled territory.

Hamas interior minister Siam killed

2009-01-16 08:44:02 GMT Xinhua English Hamas-appointed interior minister Siam was slain along with his brother and son on Jan. 15 in an Israeli air strike on the brother's house in the north of Gaza City, Hamas said, as it vowed to avenge his death.

Even in death Gazans find no peace

2009-01-15 08:57:43 GMT Reuters Heavy casualties among Palestinians from the Israeli military offensive on the Gaza strip has left many Palestinians struggling for graves to bury their dead.

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Israeli navy blocks Iranian ship from Gaza shore

2009-01-14 18:25:17 GMT Xinhua English JERUSALEM, Jan. 14 (Xinhua) -- The Israeli navy on Wednesday denied an Iranian ship carrying aid supplies access to the coast of Gaza Strip, local news service Ynet reported.

Israeli offensive on Gaza goes on, 13 killed

2009-01-14 14:36:00 GMT Xinhua English

Israel halts Iran's aid ship off Gaza

2009-01-14 14:27:11 GMT Xinhua English

Sources: N Israel hit by rockets from Lebanon

2009-01-14 08:10:40 GMT Xinhua English JERUSALEM, Jan. 14 (Xinhua) -- Northern Israel was hit by a rockets attack launched from Lebanon on Wednesday morning, emergency services said.



Israeli invasion of Gaza raises stakes for Washington: paper

2009-01-05 20:22:02 GMT Xinhua English LOS ANGELES, Jan. 5 (Xinhua) -- Israel's ground invasion of the Gaza Strip has abruptly increased the stakes for Washington at a delicate time, the Los Angeles Times said on Monday.

News Analysis: Israeli aggression has little leeway for retrogression

2009-01-04 23:45:09 GMT Xinhua English by Deng Yushan

Israel-Hamas conflict could escalate

2008-12-29 07:52:41 GMT China Daily JERUSALEM - Israel's air attack on the Gaza Strip on Saturday could signal a return to a much higher level of violence in the conflict with Palestinian Islamist group Hamas after nine months of lower-level confrontations.

Israeli offensive against Gaza may renew violence cycle

2008-12-28 01:27:49 GMT Xinhua English JERUSALEM, Dec. 27 (Xinhua) -- The Israeli military offensive against Gaza, currently ruled by the Islamic Hamas movement, can never be a final end to the conflict between them but may renew their violence cycle, said political analysts.