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Treat time for red panda cub Pemba

Pemba, a four-month-old red panda cub, receives some grapes during his first public appearance at Sydney's Taronga Zoo, Australia, Wednesday, March 4, 2009. Full story


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A dog who plays the piano and guitar!


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Polar bears at St. Felicien Wildlife Zoo

2009-03-06 07:28:20 GMT China Daily A polar bear stretches at the St.Felicien Wildlife Zoo in St. Felicien, March 5, 2009. According to Environment Canada, Canada is home of approximately 15,000 of the estimated 20,000-25,000 polar bears worldwide. The species is also listed as a special concern by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada while last year, the US listed the polar bear as threatened under the US Endangered Species Act because their sea ice habitat is melting down. [Agencies]

Pink dolphin spotted in Louisiana lake

2009-03-06 06:07:56 GMT China Daily A pink dolphin spotted in Lake Calasieu in Louisiana.

"Wedding ceremony" for penguin couple

2009-01-22 04:19:05 GMT Xinhua English The penguin bride and bridegroom dress up to attend their "wedding ceremony" at East Lake Ocean World Park in Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei Province, Jan. 21, 2009. A couple of penguines in oestrus got married amid the blessing of raisers and tourists on Wednesday.

Parrot obsessive about its owner now on anti-depressants

2009-01-16 03:52:47 GMT Xinhua English The seven-year-old blue-fronted Amazon parrot sits on the shoulder of its owner Joyce Greenslade in Devon, UK. It was possessive about its owner,and went into a rage whenever her husband went close to her. Now the neurotic parrot has been put on the bird equivalent of Prozac and started on a behavioural course to combat her jealousy.

German weatherman, cat become unlikely Internet stars

2009-01-14 05:59:42 GMT China Daily BERLIN – A German television weatherman and a portly cat called Lupin have become unlikely Internet stars after the furry interloper made an unauthorised entrance during a live broadcast on national TV.

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Dolphin greets tiger with bubbles

2009-03-09 14:30:57 GMT Xinhua English Vallejo Akaasha, a six-month-old Bengal tiger, enjoys an unlikely encounter with Maverick, a 14-month-old Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, while being taken for a walk at the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, a theme park in Vallejo, California.

Crufts Best in Show

2009-03-09 11:25:45 GMT China Daily Crufts Best in Show winner Charmin the Sealyham Terrier poses next to the trophy in Birmingham, central England, March 8, 2009.

Treat time for red panda cub Pemba

2009-03-04 09:12:33 GMT Xinhua English Pemba, a four-month-old red panda cub, receives some grapes during his first public appearance at Sydney's Taronga Zoo, Australia, Wednesday, March 4, 2009. Pemba is the 44th red panda cub bred in the zoo's international breeding program for the endangered species since 1977.

Dog show at 103-year-old club

2009-01-19 06:12:12 GMT Xinhua English The owner of a Shih Tzu takes part in a dog show in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata January 18, 2009. Around 366 dogs from 47 different breeds are taking part in the 3 days dog show, an annual event organised by the 103 years old Calcutta Kennel Club.

Penguins also like skiing contest

2009-01-12 03:38:07 GMT Xinhua English Workers try to control penguins at the Linhai Skiing Resort in Dalian, northeast China's Liaoning Province, Jan. 10, 2009. Six penguins appearing at the opening ceremony of the 2nd national skiing contest on Saturday attracted many visitors.

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