Tue, March 03, 2009

Carnival Season

Rio Carnival names Sambadrome winner

The Salgueiro samba school parades during the Rio de Janeiro's Carnival February 23, 2009. Judges on Wednesday named Salgueiro the winner out of 12 competing schools. Full story


Understanding the carnival

Carnival is a festive season which occurs immediately before Lent, the main events are usually during January and February.


Which of the following carnivals do you like most?
Brazilian carnival
Germany Cologne carnival
Italy Venetian carnival


Carnival in Latin America


Belgium's buoyant balloon carnival

2009-03-02 07:52:08 GMT Reuters Huge helium balloons in the shape of cartoon characters like the Smurfs floated above the crowd.

Rio Carnival names Sambadrome winner

2009-02-26 09:58:28 GMT Xinhua English Members of the Salgueiro samba school celebrate after winning the 2009 Carnival title at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro, February 25, 2009. Judges on Wednesday named Salgueiro the winner out of 12 competing schools, which are community groups geared towards putting on huge Carnival parades.

Global carnival fever reaches climax

2009-02-26 06:41:02 GMT Xinhua English Revellers attend the Ambato carnival in Ambato of Ecuador, Feb. 24, 2009. The celebrations of Ambato carnival ended on Tuesday.

Revellers dance Esmeraldas carnival in Ecuador

2009-02-25 08:15:13 GMT Xinhua English Revellers dance in the Esmeraldas carnival in Esmeraldas of Ecuador, Feb. 23, 2009. The carnival in Esmeraldas kicked off on Feb. 22.(Xinhua/Rene Fraga)

Carnival in Europe


Rome embraces Carnival after century of neglect

2009-02-26 01:33:12 GMT Xinhua English ROME, Feb. 25 (Xinhua) -- For the first time in a century, Rome celebrated Carnival in a one-week festivity featuring allegorical parades, masks and street shows.

Gilles parade climaxes Carnival in Binche

2009-02-25 08:20:17 GMT Xinhua English The Carnival of Binche is an event that takes place each year in the Belgian town of Binche.

Carnival in Malta

2009-02-25 07:40:10 GMT Xinhua English Revellers take photographs with digital cameras during a masked carnival ball at the Manoel Theatre, built in 1731, in Valletta early February 22, 2009.

Rose Monday climaxes Cologne carnival

2009-02-25 03:59:51 GMT Xinhua English The Cologne Carnival is a carnival that takes place every year in Cologne, Germany. Traditionally, the "fifth season" (carnival season) is declared open at 11 minutes past 11 on the 11th of November.

Carnival in other places


Carnivals and Mardi Gras worldwide

2009-02-16 07:13:03 GMT Forbes From New Orleans to Rio, where the good times roll

New Orleans kicks off Carnival with festivities

2009-01-13 10:52:45 GMT China Daily NEW ORLEANS – Roll out the king cakes, plastic beads and Mardi Gras masks. Carnival season has begun in New Orleans.



Greece carnival season closes

2009-03-03 08:55:25 GMT Reuters Revellers promenaded through the streets alongside colourful floats at the parade in the southwestern Greek port city of Patras marking the end of Carnival on Sunday (March 1).

Market woman celebrate carnival

2009-02-25 03:53:56 GMT Reuters Revellers celebrate the final day of the carnival season before Lent by watching the traditional dance of the market women.

Germany celebrates carnival

2009-02-20 03:54:01 GMT Reuters The countdown's over.

Dog carnival

2009-02-17 03:23:11 GMT Reuters The world famous Copacabana beach in Brazil and all seems pretty normal.