Thu, April 30, 2009

Britney returns to stage

Britney returns to stage after five years

She went from cheeky police officer to ringmaster, cabaret queen to showgirl. Full story


2009 Tour schedule

Britney Spears kicked off her 27-city, "Circus"-themed U.S. tour in her home state of Louisiana on Tuesday night in support of her latest CD.


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Britney Spears extends "Circus" tour to Europe

2009-04-30 02:52:11 GMT Singer Britney Spears has extended her "Circus" concert tour to include a dozen European shows taking her from London to Russia, the pop star's representatives said on her Web site on Wednesday.

Sam Lutfi's sister says Britney wanted help

2009-04-02 03:08:22 GMT The sister of Britney Spears' former manager testified Wednesday that the pop singer said in recent months that she was afraid of her father and wanted help hiring her own lawyer.

Britney Spears calls in airbrush experts

2009-04-01 09:31:04 GMT A display of her flabby belly on tour made headlines last month, but it seems Britney Spears was taking no chances with her latest ad campaign.

Britney not clowning around with donation

2009-03-09 03:21:40 GMT Britney Spears knows everybody loves a circus.

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Britney Spears receives death threats

2009-03-19 00:59:47 GMT Xinhua English BEIJING, March 19 -- Britney Spears is threatening to cancel her tour after receiving a string of death threats.

Britney Spears' Bible studies

2009-03-17 02:11:30 GMT Xinhua English BEIJING, March 17-- Britney Spears has been ordered to read the Bible for an hour a day.

Britney Spears visits sick kids in Miami hospital

2009-03-09 03:34:32 GMT Just hours before taking the stage, pop singer Britney Spears made a surprise visit to a group of sick children at Miami Children's Hospital.

John Mayer brands Britney 'strange'

2009-02-27 10:30:57 GMT China Daily John Mayer thinks Britney Spears is "strange".



Britney's back

2009-03-05 06:04:27 GMT Reuters Britney Spears kicked off her first tour in five years promoting her latest hit album "Circus" before an adoring hometown audience with jugglers, acrobats, rings of flame and lip syncing. The pop star is in the process of a major comeback after a high-profile meltdown that included stints in psychiatric care, an ugly divorce, shaving her head and partying without panties. The circus themed tour will make in stops in 44 cities.

Talk of the town: Britney on tour

2009-03-04 05:58:09 GMT Reuters The 50-year-old last performed in 2006, but the much-hyped return of the gloved one was a critical flop after he sang only a few lines of "We Are The World."



Intolerance of personal tastes impolite

2009-03-05 10:53:42 GMT If I said I love Britney Spears’ new album, the film Mean Girls and the Real World Brooklyn some would lose respect for me. Still more would lose respect for me if I said I was a cheerleader for four years in high school and it’s one of my life goals to run for Miss Wisconsin before I’m 30. My question is: why? Just because I enjoy a good dance beat every now and then? Is it because Mean Girls and the Real World aren’t mentally stimulating enough for you and therefore I am labeled as a dumb girl?

Everyone's talking about Brit's Circus act

2009-03-05 09:41:18 GMT Yes, the mechanical animal Britney Spears is officially back as her first tour in five years kicked off Tuesday night in New Orleans. Reviews are flooding the Internet about the Circus tour. says: "She did not appear heavily sedated or lethargic at all. She was on point!"

Britney Spears' tour kicks off: Like a 'Circus,' indeed!

2009-03-05 09:40:07 GMT Would you believe it's been half a decade since we last saw La Brit on the road? Five years after a knee injury shorted out her Onyx Hotel Tour, the star -- then still but a Cheeto-twirling pop tartlet, now a 27-year-old battle-hardened divorcee and mother of two -- brought the Circus to New Orleans last night.

"Circus" tour: Too much for Britney Spears

2009-03-03 12:38:43 GMT Xinhua English BEIJING, March 3 (Xinhuanet) -- Britney Spears parents are worried that Circus tour starting Tuesday night at New Orleans, might put her under tremendous pressure as it involves long hours.