Fri, July 10, 2009

Honduras military coup

Honduran president says willing to pardon coup leaders

Honduras President Manuel Zelaya, who was ousted in a Sunday coup, said here on Thursday that he is willing to pardon those who are responsible for the military coup. Full story


Honduran President says he's victim of 'coup'

Honduran President Manuel Zelaya said he was the victim of "a coup" and a "brutal kidnapping" by soldiers


U.S. President Barack Obama said on Monday that Honduras coup was "illegal". Do you support him?


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No face-to-face meet in Honduran rivals' talks

2009-07-10 02:15:53 GMT Honduras's interim leader Roberto Micheletti left Costa Rica without meeting his ousted rival President Manuel Zelaya after mediated talks aimed at resolving the crisis gripping their country.

Honduras first lady leads fight for Zelaya return

2009-07-09 01:33:53 GMT TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras – Honduras' first lady has emerged as the public face of the movement to restore President Manuel Zelaya to power, a role she took against her husband's wishes and despite her continuing fears for her safety.

Zelaya to discuss Honduras crisis with Clinton

2009-07-07 07:28:04 GMT TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras – Diplomatic efforts to restore Manuel Zelaya to Honduras' presidency shifted back to Washington on Tuesday, as supporters of the ousted leader threatened to escalate protests and disrupt business across the poor Central American nation.

Zelaya's plane circles Honduran runway, can't land

2009-07-06 00:54:22 GMT TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras – Ousted President Manuel Zelaya was kept from landing at the main Honduras airport Sunday because the runway was blocked by military vehicles and groups of soldiers, some of them clashing with a crowd of thousands outside.

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Neighbors trade embargo on Honduras ends

2009-07-03 02:05:06 GMT Xinhua English TEGUCIGALPA, July 2 (Xinhua) -- The 48-hour trade embargo imposed by Honduras' three neighbors in response to a military coup came to an end on Thursday, with a cost to the nation worth 16 million U.S. dollars.

EU calls for peaceful solution in Honduras

2009-07-02 22:10:00 GMT Xinhua English STOCKHOLM, July 2 (Xinhua) -- European Union Thursday called on all relevant parties and institutions in Honduras to refrain from violence and strive to find a swift and peaceful solution to the current situation.

Colombia reiterates support to ousted Honduran president

2009-07-02 00:59:32 GMT Xinhua English BOGOTA, July 1 (Xinhua) -- Colombia reiterated its support to ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya on Wednesday, calling him the only "constitutional president of the Republic of Honduras."

Chile cheers OAS resolution on Honduras

2009-07-02 00:57:53 GMT Xinhua English SANTIAGO, July 1 (Xinhua) -- Chile's Foreign Minister Mariano Fernandez cheered Wednesday the resolution adopted by the Organization of American

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Honduras interim gov't supportors protest outside UN office

2009-07-03 03:52:30 GMT Xinhua English

Demonstrators hold rally, call for release of Honduran president

2009-06-30 08:46:42 GMT Xinhua English Honduran troops arrested President Manuel Zelaya in an apparent military coup Sunday to stop him pressing ahead with a constitutional referendum, in a move triggering global concern.

Honduran President says he's victim of 'coup'

2009-06-30 06:03:55 GMT Honduran President Manuel Zelaya said he was the victim of "a coup" and a "brutal kidnapping" by soldiers, and President Barack Obama said he was "deeply concerned" by the Sunday morning detention of the Central American president.

Demonstrators hold rally, call for release of Honduran president

2009-06-29 05:40:35 GMT Xinhua English A demonstrator runs past a pile of burning tyres near the presidential house in Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras, on June 28, 2009, during a rally calling for the release of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya.