Thu, August 19, 2010

China launches Growth Enterprises Market

ChiNext: to boom or to doom?

Stocks on ChiNext, the country's Nasdaq-style board for domestic start-up firms, rode on a roller coaster on the first two trading days: soaring at debut and taking a sudden turn on the second day. Full story


What is the GEB?

After its launch this month in Shenzhen, the Growth Enterprise Board (GEB) will strive to function as does America's NASDAQ.


Will you invest in companies listed on China’s Nasdaq-style Growth Enterprise Market(GEM)?
I will wait and see.


Small investors see big opportunities from China's NASDAQ

2009-11-02 03:19:18 GMT China Daily Talk about China's long-awaited NASDAQ-style Growth Enterprise Board (GEB) is heating up among Chinese investors, but most of them have adopted a wait-and-see approach.

Woman, 66, may rake in millions from ChinaNetCenter listing

2009-10-30 03:08:31 GMT China Daily Chen Baozhen, a 66-year-old Chinese woman, is about to become a millionaire after her company ChinaNetCenter, a Shanghai-based Internet firm, makes its debut on ChiNext -- China's NASDAQ-style second board -- with another 27 companies on Friday, Shanghai Securities News reported today.

Mutual funds make beeline to ChiNext

2009-10-30 02:54:17 GMT China Daily Chinese mutual fund companies have swarmed into the country's newly launched growth enterprise board, or ChiNext, eyeing potentially quick profits even as the mutual funds industry itself reported $8 billion in losses during the third quarter.

China's Nasdaq-style GEM starts trading

2009-10-30 02:17:59 GMT Xinhua English SHENZHEN, Oct. 30 (Xinhua) -- Twenty-eight small and medium-sized enterprises Friday started trading their shares at China's Nasdaq-style market, ChiNext, in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

ChiNext shares plunge after debut

2009-11-03 01:14:34 GMT China Daily Stocks traded on the ChiNext startup board in Shenzhen yesterday plunged after surging heavily on their Oct 30 debut, challenging the ability of regulators to control volatility in the new bourse.

Chinext stocks slide by 10% on opening Monday

2009-11-02 06:09:58 GMT China Daily Twenty-seven of 28 stocks, the first batch of stocks listed on the Chinext market, fell by the 10 percent limit today on opening, according to

Ups and downs for enterprise board

2009-11-02 03:03:45 GMT Global Times Experts attending an innovation forum in Shanghai Monday expressed both hopefulness and concerns at the country's newly launched growth enterprise board (GEB), or ChiNext, on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

China's Nasdaq-style board off to soaring start

2009-10-30 09:32:40 GMT SHANGHAI, October 30 - Shares soared in a wild first day of trading on China's long-awaited Nasdaq-style board Friday, with all 28 listed small and medium-sized firms rocketing on fevered interest from investors.

ChiNext: to boom or to doom?

2009-11-02 16:26:58 GMT Xinhua English BEIJING, Nov. 2 (Xinhua) -- Stocks on ChiNext, the country's Nasdaq-style board for domestic start-up firms, rode on a roller coaster on the first two trading days: soaring at debut and taking a sudden turn on the second day.

GEB set to become hotbed for billionaires

2009-10-21 10:29:27 GMT China Daily The first 10 companies to be listed on China's NASDAQ-style growth enterprise board (GEB) could turn at least 32 shareholders into billionaires.

Main boards may feel little impact from GEB debut

2009-10-20 03:36:26 GMT China Daily The trading debut of the growth enterprise board (GEB) later this month may not have a significant impact on the nation's main board markets in the next few weeks, according to analysts.

Movie firm ready for NASDAQ-style board's IPO

2009-10-23 07:41:46 GMT China Daily Huayi Brothers Media Group, the company with China's largest stable of major stars and top movie directors, is ready for action on the NASDAQ-style Growth Enterprise Board (GEB).

CITIC Securities tops underwriters

2009-10-23 02:18:05 GMT China Daily CITIC Securities Co, the largest listed domestic brokerage, and its subsidiary have topped the list of brokers earning underwriting fees for the first batch of stock listings on the NASDAQ-style growth enterprises board (GEB), which is to be officially launched today.

Jiang Toon animated by possible listing on GEB

2009-10-21 10:28:45 GMT China Daily Jiang Toon Animation, like many other companies, has expressed animated interest in listing on the fast-approaching NASDAQ-like Chinese growth enterprise board (GEB).

OriginWater gets ready for listing

2009-10-21 10:27:51 GMT China Daily Visitors to Beijing's Olympic Park cannot fail to be impressed by the sizeable lake that adds essential fengshui to the much-praised development.