Thu, August 19, 2010

Toyota's global massive recalls

Toyota to face U.S. senators' review

Toyota Motor Corp. is facing questions from a U.S. Senate panel on Tuesday over the Japanese auto giant's massive recalls in the United States. Full story


Toyota recall list

Here's a list of models involved in the latest recall: • 2010 Prius • 2009-10 RAV4 • 2009-10 Corolla • 2009-10 Matrix • 2005-10 Avalon • 2007-10 Camry • 2010 Highlander • 2007-10 Tundra • 2008-10 Sequoia


Will Toyota's global image be tarnished with frequent recalls?
Yes, it reveals a weakness over quality controls.
No, Toyota will be recognized as a credible automaker.


Toyota adding more time to new vehicle development

2010-07-07 14:52:28 GMT Toyota Motor Corp. is extending the time it takes to develop new vehicles by about four weeks for more quality checks in the wake of its massive safety-related recalls, a top executive said Wednesday.

Toyota knew about Lexus problem 2 years ago

2010-07-06 10:43:16 GMT Toyota knew two years ago about the engine problem behind its latest Lexus recall, even changing the spring part to correct it, but did not think a recall was warranted until recently, a company official said Tuesday.

Toyota recalling, halting sales of Lexus HS250h in U.S.

2010-06-26 11:56:15 GMT Toyota Motor Co is recalling and temporarily halting sales of its 2010 Lexus HS250h gasoline-electric hybrid due to a potential fuel leak problem, the company said on Friday.

Toyota back in black despite global recall woes

2010-05-11 13:10:23 GMT Xinhua English TOKYO, May 11 (Xinhua) -- Toyota Motor Corp. said Tuesday it returned to the black in its fiscal fourth quarter, as cost cuts and robust domestic demand in part helped to offset a drop in sales in some overseas markets due to massive global safety recalls.

Toyota holds 1st special committee meeting for global quality

2010-03-31 01:13:16 GMT Xinhua English Toyota President Akio Toyoda (R) addresses the meeting at the company's headquarters in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, at the center of Japan's main Honshu island, March 30, 2010. Following the world's largest car maker's massive global recalls, Toyota Motor Corporation on Tuesday held its first meeting of a global committee formed to deepen communication between the Japanese head office and its many regional operations all over the world.

Still no word from Toyota on Prius recall

2010-02-09 00:37:22 GMT Toyota is close to recalling as many as 300,000 of its popular Prius hybrids over brake problems, according to Japanese media — a decision that would further embarrass a trusted brand suddenly beset by safety problems.

Toyota to recall Prius in U.S.

2010-02-08 08:31:24 GMT Xinhua English TOKYO, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) -- Toyota Motor Corp. is to recall its 2010 Prius model in the United States over fault with brakes, Kyodo News reported Monday, citing sources familiar with the matter.

Toyota admits Prius brake flaw, sees 2 bln losses

2010-02-05 02:56:52 GMT Xinhua English BEIJING, Feb. 5 -- Toyota admitted Thursday a brake design flaw in its Prius hybrid, dealing a new blow to the world's top carmaker that is already facing a $2 billion loss from massive safety recalls.

Japanese gov't asks Toyota to investigate complaints against cars

2010-02-04 08:46:42 GMT Xinhua English TOKYO, Feb. 4 (Xinhua) -- The government of Japan asked Toyota on Thursday to thoroughly investigate complaints into its cars that had been made in Japan.

Sales of Toyota vehicles in S Korea tumble amid massive recalls

2010-02-04 00:32:42 GMT Xinhua English SEOUL, Feb. 4 (Xinhua) -- Sales of vehicles produced by Toyota Motor Corp. tumbled in January compared with a month earlier, while the world's biggest automaker faces massive global recalls of millions of cars with faulty accelerators, industry data showed Thursday.

Toyota probe deepens amid confusion over risk

2010-02-04 00:08:18 GMT WASHINGTON: Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told Toyota owners Wednesday they should stop driving their vehicles, then quickly took back his words, adding to confusion over the safety of millions of recalled cars. Toyota, for its part, tried to reassure drivers that sticky gas pedals have been rare - and the cars can be stopped in any event by firmly stepping on the brakes.

U.S. government continues to press on Toyota recalls

2010-02-03 23:31:46 GMT Xinhua English WASHINGTON, Feb. 3 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. government is pressing Japanese auto giant Toyota about the automaker's spate of recalls in the United States as Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said on Wednesday that he plans to speak with Toyota President Akio Toyoda and expressed his concerns at the Congress.

Avoiding trap of the Toyota dream

2010-03-03 01:51:54 GMT Global Times BEIJING, March 3 --To the Chinese public, the high point of Toyota's dramatic crisis seems to be the company chairman Akio Toyoda's public, and much publicized, apology to Chinese consumers. But Chinese enterprises would do well to carefully study every stage of this crisis. The worst crisis ever faced by Toyota is replete with lessons for Chinese factories.

Can Chinese auto-makers learn from Toyota's crisis?

2010-03-03 01:00:51 GMT Xinhua English BEIJING, March 2 (Xinhua) -- Just a few months after Toyota surrendered its status as the world's biggest vehicle maker, the Japanese auto giant suffered a credibility crisis that its rivals in China could well repeat if they fail to pay attention to the complaints of motorists.

What went wrong at Toyota

2010-02-12 02:37:05 GMT What's wrong with Toyota?

Toyota's once-golden resale value gets dented

2010-02-08 08:40:55 GMT CHICAGO – Toyota owners looking to trade in their cars have little reason to sing the carmaker's old ad slogan, "I love what you do for me — Toyota!"