Mon, November 01, 2010

2010 Autumn Sightseeing

Autumn view in eastern Holand

Photos taken on Oct. 31, 2010 show the autumn view of De Hoge Veluwe national park in eastern Holand.. Full story


Trekking into the clouds at Haidian

With autumn cooling things off in the capital, now is the perfect time to get out of the metropolis and go hiking without breaking too much of a sweat.


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Poplar trees bear color of autumn

2010-10-28 01:55:47 GMT Xinhua English The only desert poplar park in the world is located 70 kilometers to the desert road in Luntai county, Tarim, Xinjiang. It is also the best location to view the poplar trees in Xinjiang. The park combines scenic sights of the Tahei River, poplar trees and desert into one. It is the largest, oldest, most complete poplar tree protection area. There is a 17-kilometer long sightseeing area. In autumn, visitors can enjoy the various shapes of poplar trees here. In the entertainment zone, a railway links some big lakes in the forest. Visitors can take the sightseeing train to travel around.

Late autumn landscape of Taihang Mountains

2010-10-26 01:14:22 GMT Xinhua English Photo taken on Oct. 24, 2010 shows the late autumn landscape in Taihang Mountains in Shunping County, north China's Hebei Province.

Autumn in Beijing, it's so good to live it again

2010-10-25 03:05:22 GMT China Daily Autumn in New York, why does it seem so inviting? Autumn in New York. It spells the thrill of first-nighting Autumn in New York, it's good to live it again.

Colourful autumn at Qilian Mountains in NW China's Qinghai

2010-10-25 02:26:16 GMT Xinhua English A vehicle runs between forests in Qilian Mountains in northwest China's Qinghai Province, Oct. 21, 2010. Extending more than 1,000 kilometers, Qilian Mountains cover the mountain range on the border of Qinghai and Gansu Provinces in northwest China. The mountains rise more than 4,000 meters above sea level, and their snow drifts and glaciers are major water resources.

Beauty of autumn

2010-10-19 14:52:25 GMT Xinhua English Photos taken on Oct. 18, 2010 show the autumn scenery at the Shennongjia Nature Reserve in central China's Hubei Province.

Smoke bush lights up the capital in seasonal scarlet

2010-10-19 05:16:07 GMT China Daily There are few moments of natural scenery in Beijing more beautiful than when waves of scarlet light up the pale blue skies.

True colors of Autumn

2010-10-13 10:33:21 GMT Global Times The season of fall is considered one of the most picture-perfect times to travel in China, with popular destinations in northern and southwestern areas transforming into an enchanting red and golden wonderland.

Autumn view in eastern Holand

2010-11-01 12:58:39 GMT Xinhua English

Enjoying autumn afternoon on Potomac River outside Washington D.C.

2010-10-29 06:07:22 GMT Xinhua English A couple enjoy an autumn afternoon in a kayak on the Potomac River outside Washington D.C., capital of the United States, Oct. 28, 2010.

Golden autumn day in New York's Central Park

2010-10-23 09:09:21 GMT Xinhua English A couple pose for pictures during a beautiful fall day in New York's Central Park Oct. 22, 2010.

Trek Nepal's Annapurna Circuit before it's paved over

2010-10-15 07:17:07 GMT City Weekend Autumn too cold for Nepal? Not at all. In fact, October and November are the best times to go. The country sprouts green after the summer rainy season and the snowcapped peaks are stunning against the crystalline blue sky. Trekking the Annapurna Circuit is the best way to become one with the highest mountains on earth and this may be the last year you can do it before the hiking path is paved over for good.

Autumn scenery in ancient Russian city

2010-10-12 10:24:00 GMT Xinhua English Photo taken on Oct. 11, 2010 shows the beautiful scenery in Smolensk, Russia. Smolensk is an ancient city which was established in the year of 863 A.D.. It was one of the main battlefields during the Second World War.

Autumn colour in New England and beyond

2010-10-12 07:49:22 GMT Scarlet swamp maples and purple sumac, crimson dogwood and golden ginkgo, bright yellow hickory and purplish viburnum: this is what "fall" means to North Americans. I have lived in London for decades, but come September, the homing instinct is hard to resist. When the leaves in Britain change to muted gold and brown, I long to hop on a plane and see what is known across the pond as the "fall foliage". Along country lanes and on hillsides, across valleys and even in bogs, the greens of summer turn into a Hallelujah Chorus of colour.

Riddles of Inca land

2010-09-25 02:19:01 GMT China Daily Across a long swath of smoke-filled jungle in South America, a magical country rises above the horizon. The amazing array of scenes it presents includes a mountainous fairy-tale city enveloped in thick white fog, puzzling giant sketches etched on the earth, a series of wicker islets bobbling in a whimsical lake and Apollo-worshiping locals offering sacrifices to a rising sun. Welcome to an ancient Incan kingdom - Peru.