Fri, December 03, 2010

Cholera outbreak in Haiti, Nigeria

In Haiti, cholera could heighten earthquake misery

A cholera outbreak that already has left 250 people dead and more than 3,000 sickened is at the doorstep of an enormous potential breeding ground. Full story


Fact file on cholera, global endemic disease

Fact file on cholera, a global endemic disease that kills up to 120,000 people a year.


Will you donate money to the victims suffering global endemic disease?


Cholera rages in rural Haiti, overwhelming clinics

2010-12-03 12:34:55 GMT LIMBE, Haiti – A gray-haired woman, her eyes sunken and unfocused from dehydration, stumbles up a dirt path slumped on the shoulder of a young man, heading to a rural clinic so overcrowded that plastic tarps have been strung up outside to shade dozens who can't fit inside.

Haiti's cholera death toll rises to 724

2010-11-11 21:45:44 GMT Xinhua English SANTO DOMINGO, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- The death toll of cholera in Haiti rose to 724, as more than 80 people died in the last 24 hours, Haitian Health Ministry said on Thursday.

Int'l medical aid workers give aid to Haitian cholera victims

2010-11-02 03:14:21 GMT Xinhua English
A medic from the Mexican Navy Forces gives medical aid to a victim of cholera in Saint-Marc, Haiti, Nov. 1, 2010. As a cholera outbreak threatens to spread into Haiti, international aid workers are focusing their efforts on containing the epidemic. (Xinhua/SEMAR)

High death rate in Haiti cholera epidemic slows: WHO

2010-10-27 13:40:57 GMT GENEVA – The unusually high death rate in Haiti's cholera epidemic is slowing as people become aware of the disease and health experts provide treatment, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday.

Haiti's cholera death toll reaches 442

2010-11-03 22:53:32 GMT Xinhua English SANTO DOMINGO, Nov. 3 (Xinhua) -- In the last few days, Haiti registered 105 new deaths from cholera, increasing the death toll to 442, Haitian health authorities said on Wednesday.

Nigeria's cholera epidemic kills more than 1,500: UNICEF

2010-10-25 06:48:32 GMT About 1,555 people have died of cholera in Nigeria this year, marking a likely peak in a three-year-old surge in the disease in the country, the UN Children's Fund said on Friday.

Haiti toll rises above 250, new cases taper off

2010-10-25 06:22:56 GMT Haiti cholera deaths rose above 250 but the number of new infections and fatalities began to taper off, offering hope the epidemic might have been contained.

Cholera edges closer to Haiti capital, 220 dead

2010-10-25 03:26:13 GMT More than a dozen people have died of cholera in central Haiti, adding to concerns that the deadly outbreak is edging closer to the densely populated capital, officials have said.