"Gutter oil" dirties China's food reality

Among the list of food safety scandals that have chronically plagued China in recent days the most nerve-jittery problem of late is the toxic "gutter" oil?showing a really nasty reality of Chinese food today.

32 held in 'gutter oil' crackdown

More than 100 tons of "gutter oil" were seized after the exposure of a criminal network spanning 14 provinces, including Zhejiang, Shandong and Henan, the ministry said.


How gutter cooking oil finds its way back to dining table?

How gutter cooking oil finds its way back to dining table?

You are forgiven to go a bit off color when hearing these substances will finally be on people's dining tables. This factory began to process gutter cooking oil as early as 2003.

Food Safety Scandals

Meat scandal sizzles after claims
【Clenbuterol-tainted meat】China's largest meat processor Shuanghui Group suffered a major setback this week when an illegal additive was allegedly found in meat supplied by one of its affiliates.
China steps up import ban on DEHP-tainted products
【DEHP】Chinese mainland's quality authorities has stepped up its ban on imports of products from Taiwan that had been contaminated by an industrial chemical used to soften plastic products.
Shanghai tainted buns scandal
【Dyed buns】Shanghai Shenglu Food Co. added coloring while producing corn flour buns at a company subsidiary in Baoshan District.The company also re-labelled buns made days earlier with new production dates.
Sanlu admits contamination of baby milk powder
【Tainted formula】Sanlu Group, a leading Chinese dairy producer, said it had found in its self-check that some of its baby milk powder products were contaminated by tripolycyanamide.