Syrian FM to attend emergency Islamic meeting

Syria's foreign minister will attend an emergency meeting of the Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation aimed at finding ways to end the bloodshed in his country, an OIC official said Tuesday.

Timeline of the 2011 Syrian uprising More>>

  • March 18
  • "Day of Dignity" protest held in Damascus demanding release of political prisoners. Some 35 people are arrested. At a "Day of Rage" rally in the southern city of Deraa, security forces shoot a number of people dead, triggering days of violent unrest and more civilian deaths. President Assad dismisses government, accuses protesters of being Israeli agents.
  • May 9
  • Army tanks enter Deraa, Banyas, Homs and suburbs of Damascus in an effort to crush anti-regime protests. US tightens sanctions in response to bloody crackdown on protests. European Union follows suit days later.
  • June
  • The government says that 120 members of the security forces have been killed by "armed gangs" in the northwestern town of Jisr al-Shughour. Troops besiege the town and more than 10,000 people flee to Turkey.
    President Assad pledges to start a "national dialogue" on reform.
  • October
  • Newly formed Syrian National Council says it has forged a common front of internal and exiled opposition activists. Russia and China veto UN resolution condemning Syria.
  • November 26
  • Arab League votes to suspend Syria, accusing it of failing to implement an Arab peace plan. Weeks later the League votes to impose sanctions.

Map of Syria

Dark clouds of war shrouding Syria

In response to the incumbent president Bashar al-Assad’s failure to halt a violent crackdown on eight-months of unrest against his rule, the Arab League has voted to impose economic sanctions on Syria.


Libya-style foreign intervention unlikely in Syria

Despite the mounting international pressure and non-stop sanctions hitting Syria over the government's alleged crackdown on protesters, many Syrian observers and academics rule out the possibility that foreign intervention like the NATO-led operation in Libya will take place in Syria.

Background of Syria uprising


Date 15 March 2011?– ongoing (260 days)

Location Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Hama, Daraa, Deir ez-Zor, Latakia and others



(U.N. claim): 3,500 civilians and security forces killed (including defectors) (by 8 November) Total: 3,500

(S.O.H.R. claim): 2,738 civilians and 970 security forces killed (including defectors) (by 25 November) Total: 3,708

(Syrian government claim): 1,400 security forces, 716 insurgents and 700 civilians killed (by 24 November) Total: 2,816