Rain, snow to hit roads during Spring Festival travel peak

Snow and rain will sweep central and eastern China three days ahead of the start of the Lunar New year, China's meteorological authority said.

Weather turns bad as back-home travel peaks

This year's annual travel rush will encounter bad weather, and the road home could be a tough one for many heading to Spring Festival family reunions.

Online carpooling eases pain of festival travel rush

Some people opt to take their own vehicles to make the journey home to see their families, others have chosen to share their wheels with others to lighten the stress of holiday travel.

New booking system

New booking system

One-third of passengers secure train tickets via new booking system .
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Spring Festival travel peak 2011

Review: Spring Festival travel peak 2011

Spring Festival travel rush tests China's railway system

A surge in passenger is testing China's railway capacity as millions head home ahead of the Spring Festival.

China's railway system is put to the test

The national railway system is going through a harsh test, with increasing pressure from passengers who lined up all night for a train ticket and the icy weather in the southern part of the country that could disrupt transport at any time.

Government promises harsher measures on ticket scalping

A senior official at the Ministry of Railways has said that any employees found to be involved in ticket scalping will be fired.

Review: Spring Festival travel peak 2010

China's railways carry record-high of 6.3 mln passengers

China's train passengers totalled 6.33 million on Friday, the busiest day in the country's history falling at end of the Spring Festival holiday.

New ID system installed for Spring Festival trains

The Ministry of Railways announced that passengers would have to show their ID card or other recognized identity document when buying a train ticket at 37 railway stations in Guangdong, Sichuan, Hunan and Guizhou provinces.

Railway set for record-high travels in 2010

China's rapidly expanding and modernizing rail network will record 1.64 billion passenger journeys in 2010, up 120 million or 7.6 percent from last year.

Spring Festival travel peak 2010