French new president dazed with "hot potatoes"

France's freshly inaugurated Socialist president Francois Hollande is catapulted to stardom because of the ailing Euro zone, and coincided with the vote in Greece that spawned the current political chaos in Athens and moved Greece closer to the possibility of abandoning the euro.

Francois Hollande becomes France's new president

Francois Hollande became president of France on Tuesday in a ceremony steeped in tradition, taking over a country worried about Europe's future and pledging to make it a fairer place.

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French presidential election

French presidential election

The first round of the 2012 French presidential election will take place on Sunday, with a second round run-off being held on May 6. The following is a brief introduction of French presidential election. Since a referendum initiated by General de Gaulle in 1962, four years after the establishment of the current Fifth Republic of France, the president of France has been elected by direct universal suffrage, instead of elected by Parliament previously.

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