Six-ring highways teaming with traffic, row upon row of high-rise apartments, manicured public gardens with ponds and lotus blossoms, transportation ranged from a rickshaw ride and a luxurious limousine cruise, and cell phones everywhere--- even the migrant workers bicycling to work have cell phones, and even smart phones, and more impressed, unbelievably hospitable local people screaming Hello in Chinese accent---that is Beijing, the capital and financial center of well over 20 million.

Beijing, a city on display an ancient, multi-faceted culture, welcomes decent “laowai”-Chinese endearing term for foreigners.


Beijing’s Bureau of Public Security has announced on May 14 a strike-hard campaign to crack down on foreign nationals who have no valid visa, residence permit or work permit.

Beijing residents are encouraged to inform against any such three-have-nots foreigner.

A cellist's swan song no cause for encore

Russian cellist Oleg Vedernikov has quickly become the most famous foreigner in China because of his recent performance - not onstage but rather on a train from Liaoning province's capital Shenyang to Beijing.

Beijing kicks off campaign targeting illegal aliens More>>

    Illegal behaviors Illegally enter China:
    The foreigners enter China without a legal visa, border inspection
    Illegally stay in China:
    The foreigners stay in China with an expired visa
    Illegally work in China:
    The foreigners have a job in China without a working permit
    Punishment 1,000 to 10,000 yuan's fine;
    3 days to 10 days' detention;
    leave China within a time limit
    500 to 5,000 yuan's fine;
    3 days to 10 days' detention;
    leave China within a time limit
    500 yuan to 1,000 yuan's fine;
    stop working;
    leave China within a time limit

Cellist apologizes for train seat feet fight

Cellist apologizes for train seat feet fight

Russian cellist Oleg Vedernikov last night publicly apologized in a video uploaded to Sina for his behavior on a train bound for Beijing earlier this week, when he was filmed insulting a fellow passenger.


Two Korean beat Chinese girls


Foreigner beaten by Beijingers for sexually assaulting

British man detained over sexual assault

A British man has been detained by police for allegedly assaulting a Chinese woman on the side of a road in downtown Beijing Tuesday night, police said Thursday.



Good "Laowai" Welcomed

An Englishman's Lasting Bond with the Great Wall
【An Englishman's Lasting Bond with the Great Wall】During the 15 years he has lived in China, William Lindesay has committed himself to the protection of the Great Wall. In April 1998, he launched the first Great Wall Cleanup Campaign, which aroused public awareness of the need to protect the Great Wall.
【American woman saves a drowning Chinese woman in West Lake】Jumping in the water to save a drowning woman in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, seemed the right thing to do for Maria Fernanda. She was not prepared to become a heroine for her actions that day in West Lake on Oct 13.
American woman saves a drowning Chinese woman in West Lake
American shares fries with an old Chinese beggar
【American shares fries with an old Chinese beggar】At the gate of a McDonalds store, a handsome american young man called Jason Loose bought two bags of fries and gave one to an old female Chinese beggar. They sat side by side, eating and chatting.Chinese netizens are touched by the foreign guy.
【Spanish hiker who saves drowning boy awarded for heroic act】A Spanish hiker who provided first aid to save the life of a drowning boy was awarded for his heroic act yesterday by the government of Suzhou City.He is the first foreigner to receive this award since the award was set up in 1994.
Spanish hiker who saves drowning boy awarded for heroic act


Beijing started a three-month campaign on May 15 targeting foreigners illegally staying in the capital.Your say?
Support, as management is desirable.
Hard to say.

Weibo Voices:

:@人称-阿Q:This is our right. We should let the world know China has its own rules.
:@必须Master:I strongly hope such a campaign could be carried out nationwide, in case these three-have-nots would flee to other cities!
:@HNCAi--敏:China should improve relevant laws and regulations about foreigners coming to China.
:@中国80后农民:The clean-up is more than just clean-up. It is calling on everyone to take part! Do not stand by and do nothing!
:@佐佐o林:Not just in Beijing! Other places in the nation should be cleaned up too!
:@幸运Typhoon: I recommend all Chinese people take part in the campaign. And we need to persist in doing this in a long run, not just for the short period after a certain incident.

Foreigners in China