Editor's Note: Children are God's gift! And childhood is all about happiness and freedom. Celebrated on Jun. 1st, Children's Day is a festival for children all over the world. Each year, the special day is greeted by flowers and songs and Children's smiles.

Medal and success not child's happiness

On the 1st of June, the International community celebrates International Children’s Day. This is quite a difficult time for children in the contemporary world which is overfilled with information and stress.

Children hold the promise of a country's future, so there can never be too much importance attached to the question of child poverty. Don’t forget those left-behind children and rural children living in poverty, as well as starving children in Africa and other poor counties.

A World Fit for Children

Where to catch fun

Expand your child's mind on a great family day out


Best for sky-gazing: Beijing Planetarium

Best for dino-lovers: Beijing Natural History Museum

Best for science buffs: China Science and Technology Museum

Best interactive experience: Sony ExploraScience


How do you plan to celebrate Children’s day with your kids?
Playing outdoors
Organizing a special party
Preparing gifts for kids
Do you think should parents have a day off on Children's day to be with their kids?
Yes. If the children are left alone, how can they enjoy the holiday?
No. It is the children's day, not parents'. So why should parents have a day off.

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