Philippine experts prod government to restore trade ties with China

In an effort to find a win-win solution to the diplomatic stalemate stemming from the clash over the Huangyan Island, Philippine experts have advised the government to consider shifting its priority to restoring normal trade relations with China.

Do you believe only hawkish diplomacy or even armed force could assure China of a peaceful neighborhood?
Hard to say

If retracing what has come about over the Diaoyus between China and Japan, we will have to first and foremost look back at a couple of examples showing the diplomatic tug-of-war for the islands between the two sides.

Shintaro certainly has some special political motives to make such defiant and extreme remarks when China and Japan usher in the 40th anniversary of the normalization of bilateral diplomatic relations.

For today's Japan, sea expansion or territorial grab could be a shot in the arm to wake up its ailing society.

History proves China's sovereignty over Diaoyu Islands

A large number of ancient authentic documents prove that, before Japan stole the Diaoyu Islands by taking advantage of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, China had discovered, got to know and actually utilized these islands at least more than 500 years earlier than Japan.

Manuscript proving China's sovereignty of Diaoyu to be auctioned

Renewed tension with the Philippines escalates in 2012

Territorial row with Vietnam

Following the standoff between China and the Philippines over the Huangyan Island, the Nansha Islands have again turned out to be a flashpoint in the South China Sea with Chinese fishermen being expelled by Vietnamese authorities from their fishing grounds.