Recently, a video of “news briefing” to claim back salaries of 14 million Yuan for migrant workers has been widely viewed on the internet. A woman, named as “Miao Cuihua”, is said to be one of the migrant workers who are unpaid after completing the construction work for the Han’gu Funeral and Interment Administration in north China's Tianjin municipality.

Wages claiming song

Children in unpaid wages fight

Children in unpaid wages fight

A group of children were the center of attention in a tourist hotspot in southwest China when they took to the streets to demand their parents be paid overdue wages. The 13 children, the youngest just five, stood in a line in downtown Dali in Yunnan Province, holding posters demanding immediate payment.[Full story]

Creative ways to get pay

Han Wende, a migrant worker from Henan province, got naked to ask for 210,000 yuan from contractors in Shenzhen on Nov 22, 2011.

A man holding an ad wanted to auction his wife's breast in protest for his unpaid wages in Shenyang on Sep 11, 2006.

A 50-year-old man appeared naked in the downtown Chongqing to demand the hard-earned money for his paralyzed son on Nov 27, 2005.

48-year-old Luo Kaiyun from Chongqing lived 4 days in a bridge pier of the unfinished highway in Shaanxi province on Nov 1, 2011.

Two migrant workers climbed on the tower crane to ask for their unpaid wages in a building site in Shandong province, on June 4, 2009.

Migrant workers, who did not get their salaries, put out bowls and begged for money in Zhengzhou, Henan Province on May 9, 2010.