Shenzhou VI re-entry capsule opened
SZ-6 lands safely after successful mission
BEIJING, Oct. 17 (Xinhua) -- The re-entry capsule of China's Shenzhou-6 spacecraft, carrying taikonauts Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng, landed on earth safely at 4:33 a.m. Monday, marking a "complete success" of China's second manned space mission.
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-World leaders hail successful SZ-6 space mission
-Astronauts' safe return sparks big celebrations
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Shenzhou-6 lands safely
Shenzhou-6 blasts off
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Shenzhou VI re-entry capsule opened
Yang Liwei interviewed by SINA
SZ-6 re-entry capsule arrives in Beijing
Shanghai citizens celebrate
National flag and re-entry module
Taikonauts interviewed by CCTV
Workers hail the succssful landing
Students launch self-made rocket
Leaders of Jiangsu Province meet Fei's family
Parents of space hero
Family wait for spece heros' return
Children hail Shenzhou-6's return
Brother of Nie receives interview
Physical checkup for taikonauts
"Space heros" pose for group photo
Shenzhou V
"Space Hero" Yang Liwei
The re-entry module
Shenzhou V takes off
China's first astronaut crowned "Space Hero"
US congratulates on China for space milestone
China greets world from space
China sends man into space
Facts & Figures
From A-bomb to Shenzhou-5
Solar panels -- power station for Shenzhou
Facts and Figures: Shenzhou-5
China's "Long March" carrier rockets
Shenzhou VI re-entry capsule opened  19/10 20:43
Space economy fever in China  18/10 02:36
Lien Chan hails successful re-entry of Shenzhou-6  18/10 02:35
Macao newspapers hails successful landing of SZ-6  18/10 02:35
Shenzhou-6 re-entry capsule handed over to developer  18/10 02:34
Astronauts' safe return sparks big celebrations  17/10 20:34
Stage set for bigger space push  17/10 20:34
Chinese people proud of successful re-entry of SZ-6  17/10 20:32
HK elite hail successful Shenzhou-6 space mission  17/10 20:31
Space mission heralds high-tech boom  17/10 20:30
Townsfolk welcome back Shenzhou VI astronauts  17/10 04:30
Macao chief hails successful landing of Shenzhou-6  17/10 01:12
HK chief applauds successful Shenzhou-6 mission  16/10 23:56
Space hero's parents decline expensive gifts  16/10 23:45
China not intended for space war  16/10 22:31
China's first lunar probe underway  16/10 21:52
Shenzhou-6 costs US$110 million: official  16/10 21:35
China's No.1 lunar probe being developed  16/10 21:35
China's space program completely for peaceful purposes  16/10 21:30
China hopes to conduct space walk in 2007  16/10 21:13
International Reactions
World leaders hail successful SZ-6 space mission  19/10 20:45
Bulgaria congratulates China on successful mission  18/10 20:08
World hails Shenzhou VI adventure  17/10 20:36
Overseas Chinese in Myanmar hails successful mission  17/10 20:29
SZ-6 landing makes headline news around world  17/10 00:29
Overseas Chinese in Cameroon hail SZ-6 success  16/10 21:50
Chirac congratulates China on spaceship return  16/10 19:56
China to fortify presence in world's space club  15/10 06:47
China keeps reaching for the stars  15/10 02:50
China catches up quickly in space program  14/10 17:43
Facts & Figures
Facts and figures: space flights and Shenzhou-6  15/10 06:50
China makes progress in space seed breeding  15/10 04:08
Taikonauts' daily necessities expensive: chief doctor  15/10 04:07
Space debris -- man-made threat in space exploration  14/10 23:42
Deadly flatulence: how to excrete without risk in space?  13/10 03:04
Black box in manned spacecraft  13/10 02:32
Oxygen, water, food consumed by Shenzhou-6 astronauts  13/10 01:08
Yang Liwei contributes to modifications of spacecraft  13/10 01:00
Facts & figures: Shenzhou-6  11/10 20:26
Shenzhou 5 - 14 Earth orbits carrying Yang Liwei  11/10 18:17
Readers' Opinions
2005-10-16 19:34:05 KK - Malaysia -JB
Congratulations !!! Hope in future the space will full of Taikonauts!!! ...
2005-10-16 4:13:33 Li
I am just a middle school student of Jinzhou Senior High School.Jinzhou is a city next to Dalian.I am always making grammar mistakes,so please excuse me. I know some of you are ...
2005-10-15 19:48:12 Yong
As an oversea Chinese in Australia. I am very pleased to hear that my Motherland has once again sent her two best sons in space. I wish them safe return to earth on Monday. China can achieve ...
2005-10-15 10:13:19 Hal
I am an American Lawyer and am proud of China's accomplishments. Like America China is a diverse culture and the exhcange of unique ideas result in a better and peaceful way of life for all ...

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