China, Russia pledge "unswerving" partnership

China and Russia vowed to unswervingly deepen their comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination during the talks between the two heads of state here on Saturday afternoon.

AIIB poised to meet loan targets

Just six months after its launch, the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has made some progress in its lending business as well as its corporate structure, the bank's president said on Saturday.

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新华网英文版:Weekly Choices of Xinhua Photo -…

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GlobalTimes:That man is richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.-Henry David Thoreau 各位晚安,好梦…

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美联社:Best Leading Actor Chen Jianbin, left, and actress Chen Shiang-Chyi hold their awards for the films …

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深圳日报-英文:【每日一词】Denture 假牙。例句:A recent study found that ACV's antifungal properties could fight of…


Residents of Xiantao, Central China's Hubei Province continued to protest against a waste incineration plant on Sunday despite the local government's claim that it will suspend the project. Full Story


Q: Will the Leave campaign's frontman Boris Johnson succeed David Cameron to become new prime minister of Britain?

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