China overtakes U.S., France as Germany's No.1 trading partner

China for the first time became Germany's most important trading partner in 2016, overtaking the United States, which fell back to third place behind France, data showed on Friday.

Malaysian police looking for source of chemical used to kill North Korean

Malaysian police are investigating whether the VX nerve agent used to kill Kim Jong Nam, the half brother of North Korea's leader, was brought into the country or produced in Malaysia, the country's police chief said on Friday.

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新华网英文版:Creations for Diesel Black Gold presented at Milan Fashion Week ​…

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GlobalTimes:【南非爆发#排外#游行 警察逮捕156名排外袭击者】The South African Police Service (SAPS) said Friday th…

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中国日报网:习近平签署第六十三号、第六十四号和第六十五号主席令 ​…

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21世纪英文报:#将“凤头豹尾”进行到底# 经历了解题和现场论证,问答环节终于快告一段落了!心情好鸡冻,有木有?接下来,…

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中国新闻网英文网:Spring Festival travel rush: No matter how far away it is, home is always the destination http://t.c…

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上海日报:发布了头条文章:《一位插画师的漫画自白:我可能是个假的成年人》 ​…

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美联社:Best Leading Actor Chen Jianbin, left, and actress Chen Shiang-Chyi hold their awards for the films …

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深圳日报-英文:【英媒猜测鲁尼加盟中超 穆帅: 是否留队他说了算】 British media speculation surrounding a possible t…


Over 100 foreign residents in Lhasa, Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region were granted Chinese permanent residence, the world's hardest-to-get "green card." Full Story


Q: Do you have confidence in safety of Chinese domestically made milk products and baby formula, almost 9 years after the 2008 melamine-tainted milk scandal that killed dozens of babies and made 300,000 more ill?

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