China warns South Korea, US of "conseqences" over missile deployment

China will take necessary measures to safeguard its security interests, and the U.S. and Seoul will have to bear all the resulting consequences over the deployment of a missile defense system in S Korea

Trump meets with Chinese diplomat, pledging to enhance cooperation

U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday met with visiting Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi at the White House, pledging to enhance bilateral high-level exchanges and cooperation in all areas.

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新华网英文版:People take part in color run parade in Sao Paulo, Brazil - ​…

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GlobalTimes:【法国北极熊宝宝首次亮相 纪念国际北极熊日】A polar bear cub named Nanuq made her debut with her moth…

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中国日报网:习近平主持召开中央财经领导小组第十五次会议 ​…

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21世纪英文报:#将“凤头豹尾”进行到底# 经历了解题和现场论证,问答环节终于快告一段落了!心情好鸡冻,有木有?接下来,…

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中国新闻网英文网:Spring Festival travel rush: No matter how far away it is, home is always the destination http://t.c…

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上海日报:今日B版 ​…

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美联社:Best Leading Actor Chen Jianbin, left, and actress Chen Shiang-Chyi hold their awards for the films …

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深圳日报-英文:【 美国明年送两名太空游客绕月旅行】U.S. space firm SpaceX will fly two private space travelers on a …


Wang Jin, 30, was sentenced to death in July 2016 after spending eight years in prison waiting to learn of his fate. Full Story


Q: Are you impressed with this year's Oscar films?

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Johnny_Galecki:Can't express the love in my heart for Naomi Robin 、Josh Katz、 J Mac Hanson - 无法表达我心中对Naomi Robin 、Josh Katz、J Mac Hanson的爱 . ​…

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Maroon5_Official:So proud to be part of something that brings people together instead of tearing them apart. Love may not be ALL we need. But without it, we would never survive 很荣幸能参与到这个让人心凝聚的节目。爱也许不是我们的全部,但是没有了爱,我们无法存活…

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