Circular issued to encourage study on Xi's speech on Party building

All Communist Party of China (CPC) organizations should earnestly study and implement the spirit of a recent speech made by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, on Party building in central Party and state institutions, said a newly-issued circular.

France, Germany, UK warn Iran nuke deal will collapse unless talks resume

Leaders of France, Germany and Britain, European signatories of Iran 2015 nuclear agreement, on Sunday said they are "extremely concerned" by the fuelling tension in the Gulf region, which they said likely to put the accord at risk unless the concerned parties join the same table of talks.

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CGTN:#晚安# From the gravity of earth humans are free, of the gravity of warfare remaining a detainee. 当…

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环球时报-英文版:英短小猫咪Tootie,因为圆圆的脸蛋圈粉无数。不管是吃东西还是睡懒觉,都超可爱的呀~ #晚安#…

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中国日报网:#晚安# Confidence in the goodness of another is good proof of one's own goodness. 相信他人的善良,即…

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21世纪英文报:#口语训练营# #高校期末成绩自动推送# 近日,南京大学信息门户公众号上线“考试成绩自动推送”功能。据了解…

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中国新闻网英文网:Spring Festival travel rush: No matter how far away it is, home is always the destination http://t.c…

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上海日报-SHINE:#“我和我的祖国”快闪·上海# 【水陆相应,徐汇滨江千人快闪唱响《我和我的祖国》】近日,在西岸龙美术馆广…

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美联社:In an upset, 'Green Book' wins best picture at Oscars 大家有观看电影《绿皮书》吗?新鲜出炉奥斯卡得主…

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深圳日报-英文:【每日一词】Moggy 家猫。例句:Ardern’s neighbor, identified only as Chris, told the new…


At least 17 people were killed or missing and thousands evacuated as torrential downpours unleashed floods and toppled houses in central, eastern and southern China. Full Story

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