Chinese president arrives in Brazil for BRICS summit

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived here Tuesday for the upcoming 11th BRICS summit. The summit of BRICS, an emerging-market bloc that groups Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, will be held in the capital of Brazil from Wednesday to Thursday.

HK police issue statement on standoff at Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong police issued a statement on Tuesday night addressing a standoff between police and protesters at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in the New Territories.

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人民网英文版:【家常茄子新做法】试试这个方法↓↓低油健康、简单美味,下饭利器~ ​…

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中国日报网:【定了!#北京提前一天正式供暖# 】记者刚刚从市供热办了解到,为应对今冬首个寒潮预警,本市将提前正式供暖…

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CGTN:【#我们走在大路上#——强军战歌】Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on strengthening the military, China's …

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环球时报-英文版:【创意赞!重庆一消防员用报废零件打造消防机器人】A firefighter in Southwest China spent three years u…

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中国新闻网英文网:Spring Festival travel rush: No matter how far away it is, home is always the destination http://t.c…

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上海日报-SHINE:今日头版 ​…

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深圳日报-英文:【每日一词】Run-of-the-mill 普通的。例句:But Kara Fan is not the run-of-the-mill 14-year-old.(详见…


China on Tuesday refuted remarks by U.S. and British officials regarding the latest riot in Hong Kong, calling the remarks a reflection of hypocrisy and double standards. Full Story

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