FIVE members of a banned religious group appeared in court yesterday charged with the murder of a woman beaten to death in a McDonald’s restaurant after she refused to give them her cellphone number when they apparently tried to recruit her. Full Story

Anhui boy critical after shotgun blast to face

AN 8-year-old boy is in critical condition after undergoing surgery to remove about 90 shotgun pellets from his face, doctors said yesterday. Full Story

HK govt official takes 'Ice Bucket Challenge'

Secretary for the Commerce and Economic Development of China's Hong Kong Gregory So completed the "Ice Bucket Challenge" by pouring a bucket of ice water over his head Wednesday to call for social's awareness on a serious motor neuron disease ALS. Full Story

4.2-magnitude quake jolts SW China

2014-08-21 06:32:43 GMT

KUNMING, Aug. 21 (Xinhua) -- A 4.2-magnitude earthquake struck China's Yunnan Province on Thursday. Full Story

JINAN, Aug. 20 (Xinhua) -- One was killed and 19 others injured after a public bus caught fire during rush hour in east China's Shandong Province on Wednesday Full Story

Two bodies retrieved in China coal mine blast

HUAINAN, Anhui, Aug. 20 (Xinhua) -- Two bodies have been retrieved while another 25 people remain missing after a blast in a coal mine in east China's Anhui Province early Tuesday, the rescue headquarters said on Wednesday. Full Story