AUTHORITIES in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region are to reopen a case in which a teenager was executed after he was wrongfully convicted on rape and murder charges. Full Story

Death sentences upheld in Kunming terror attack case

A Chinese court on Friday upheld the death sentences given to three men for their involvement in a terrorist attack in which 31 were killed at a railway station in Kunming earlier this year. Full Story

Ghoulish garb may earn police penalty in Beijing

Fright night reminder! Those wearing Halloween fancy dress costumes on the Beijing subway will face arrest as they may cause crowds to gather and create "trouble", the Beijing News reported. Full Story

HONG KONG, Oct. 28 (Xinhua) -- An illegal assembly what the initiators self-claimed to be "with peace and love" has left nothing but adverse impacts on the economy and people's livelihood in Hong Kong, besides tearing apart the local community with clamorous streets in the past month. Full Story