The Chinese government announcedthe National Fitness Program for 2016-2020 on Thursday, saying thetotal consumption of sports in 2020 will reach 1,500 billion RMB(about 228 billion US dollars). Full Story

The tastes of tea tradition in China

There’s more to consuming tea than just choosing between black or green, fermented or blended. The scope of tea culture also extends to how it is served and prepared, and its significance to various ethnic groups. Full Story

Chinese tourists get ripped off at some duty-free shops in Japan

Although Chinese tourists continue to travel to Japan in droves, many have been getting overcharged at some duty-free shops in the country. Many tourists spent several thousand yuan at these shops on a box of enzymes that promised all manner of health benefits, even though the same box costs only several hundred yuan at a normal drugstore. The continuous product pitching by tour guides, as well as the cooperation between travel agencies and duty-free shops have contributed to the wretched experiences of these tourists while on group tours to Japan. Full Story