In the early morning of September 30, news began to break out regarding Jessica, member of S. Korean pop group "Girls’Generation", and the possibility that she has been kicked out of the group. Full Story

Clooney father-in-law hails wedding as good news for Mideast

George Clooney's Lebanese father-in-law said on Sunday that his daughter Amal Alamuddin's wedding to the Hollywood heartthrob was "very good news" for the turmoil-ridden Middle East. Full Story

Deng Xiaoping's belongings to reveal 'fresh and lively' stories

A DOCUMENTARY about Deng Xiaoping is set to reveal another side of the late leader. Full Story


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Shakira_Official:Happy 16th birthday to Shak's 4th album -


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Film Flow after Valentine’s Day
"Beijing Love Story":hot in China and the U.S.

The Chinese romance film, "Beijing Love Story" set a single-day release record for a 2-D movieFull Story