Theaters in December, the last month of the year, are often crowded with domestic productions. This year is no different, despite the fact that fewer Hollywood blockbusters have been imported into the Chinese mainland this year. Full Story

Rihanna announces global tour amid album buildup

Rihanna announced Monday a global tour next year as the R&B superstar undertakes extensive commercial tieups in the run-up to her long-awaited next album. Full Story

Is Jon Snow alive? 'Game of Thrones' teaser revives debate

Could Jon Snow be alive after all? A teaser for Game of Thrones gave hope to legions of fans Monday by suggesting the fantasy epic's youthful hero may be back in season six. Full Story


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Film Flow after Valentine’s Day
"Beijing Love Story":hot in China and the U.S.

The Chinese romance film, "Beijing Love Story" set a single-day release record for a 2-D movieFull Story