Actress Hai Qing and actor Huang Haibo together attend a charity activity in Shanghai on April 22, 2014. (Photo source: Full Story

Malaysian Singer Fish Leong gives birth to a boy

The Malaysian singer Fish Leong gave birth to a boy this morning. Her husband, Tony Zhao, said both the baby and the mother were quite well and the boy was named Anderson. He also posted the photo of their son’s footprints at Weibo. Full Story

Jiang Wen's new film to premiere in December

Jiang Wen's new film Gone with the Bullets will premiere in China on Dec 18, the director announced on Tuesday night at the Hong Kong International Film Festival, which ends on April 4. Full Story


TheRZA:From the slums of Shaolin Wutang Clan strikes again...Bo...


Shakira_Official:Performing my song Empire tonight -


Jason_Mraz_Official:Sunhat Sunheart Sunharvest. - 遮阳帽,阳光般的心,阳光收获


Pixie_Lott:Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Have a wonderful year o...


LarryNamer:Cappuccino at Elemernt Fresh 我在:


TAE_official:I'm guardian of people


TheRock_Johnson:In Dubai and on my way to my home away from home…在迪拜,一会就能飞回家了

Film Flow after Valentine’s Day
"Beijing Love Story":hot in China and the U.S.

The Chinese romance film, "Beijing Love Story" set a single-day release record for a 2-D movieFull Story