Pole Maliszewska to rebuild shape for Beijing 2022

2021-10-25 13:35:13 GMT2021-10-25 21:35:13(Beijing Time) Xinhua English

WARSAW, Oct. 25 (Xinhua) -- Despite being injured during the victory at the ISU Short Track Speed Skating World Cup in Beijing, Pole Natalia Maliszewska will try to rebuild her shape for the Winter Games, the coach of the athlete Urszula Kaminska revealed.

In the 500m final, the 26-year-old was in the lead when she made a mistake and fell. A moment later, the rivals also fell before the referees restarted the race.

"It was a dangerous fall. Natalia had a cut nose. She also felt pain in her knee. The strength of this impact is evidenced by the fact that she broke her helmet." coach Urszula Kaminska said on Monday.

Maliszewska might have a shot on the medal at Beijing 2022, but her coach said there is still a long way to go for her to stand on the podium.

"The Beijing Games are the most important event. It's just that Natalia is not in optimal shape right now. She is after an illness that excluded her from training for 10 days," said Kaminska.

"Natalia showed that she is strong. During the preparations, she set an unofficial world record, as she covered this distance in 41.5 seconds. This is just the beginning," the coach concluded. Enditem